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Important Question....

Hi everyone,

after some ups and downs im on my 2nd week on LP.

Some of you may have seen my thread afew days ago about my disappointment with my first weigh in...

I weighed 14 st 3lbs when I started and only lost 2 lbs on my WI.

Since then I've taken everyones advice on here and upped my water to 3-4 litres.

I would like to lose 2 stones and I realised that some people on here would like to lose more then that.

So am I right in thinking that this why my weight loss was less as I have less that I want to lose?

Now my question is I've just been thinking is there any difference in me trying to lose the weight on LP or by going to the gym and eating well as its a smaller amount?

If there is a difference what would it be, by this I mean.. E.g losing the weight and it coming back by being on LP or gym?

Please dont misunderstand me as I know LP is working for us all but in my case I was just curious?

Thanks in advance and all the best to you all on the program
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rainbow brite

What's your BMI?
Hi, :)

I need to check my BMI as Im not sure but I just looked at your stats and interstingly you lost 2lbs in your 1st week as well! Maybe im not alone!

Also what is your view your view on my question about the weight loss by training or LP?



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Hi, :)

I need to check my BMI as Im not sure but I just looked at your stats and interstingly you lost 2lbs in your 1st week as well! Maybe im not alone!

Also what is your view your view on my question about the weight loss by training or LP?

Heavy exercise and training are not suitable whilst on Lipotrim diet as you don't have enough protein. You would need to consult your GP and get his opinion about combining the two.

Here is a link to a BMI Calculator Calculate your BMI - Standard BMI Calculator

rainbow brite

Some people just lose weight slower than others. If you haven't as much to lose as someone else then it is likely that it will come off you at a slower rate than that of the heavier person. You will lose the weight faster on LT than by eating healthily and working out but if you do not think that it is worth it then perhaps the healthy eating plan will be more suitable for you? LT isn't the best road for everyone to be honest. It is for me and I thank the day I stumbled across it, but everyone is different.

I lost 3lb last week and was thoroughly disheartened due to it and considered coming off LT but then realised that it may not be as fast as some lose the weight but it's still coming off and I'm pretty much guaranteed to lose weight every single week. With this in mind I decided to stick with the plan. It's harsh but that's what works for me.

I wish you good luck in whatever route you decide to take.


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2 stone is a lot to lose on a healthy eating/exercise regime - if u think about low cal diets, they average at between 1 or 2 lbs lost a week.

You eat the minimal amount of calories, feel starved all the time, do an hour in the gym and maybe if ur lucky u might burn off the equivalent of a smoothie - i think it is pointless!!

but thats my opinion :D
low cal diet

best result 2lbs a week for 14 weeks gets u to goal
worst result 1lb a week for 28 weeks gets u to goal


average of 1 st a month loss = 8 weeks and ur done

aint rocket science is it?? ;)
I think drinking lots of water really helps speed it up. I make up my shakes with about ten ice cubes and a pint glass of water so it is no hardship to get in the extra glasses because it is quite boring just drinking the plain water! Good luck this week!


Says it as it is!!!
I exercise fully while on LT
Losing 1lb if pure fat (you only lose pure fat if you are in ketosis, other wise you lose glycogen and water too)on a healthy diet and exercise, it would mean drastically reducing your calorie intake and having to really go for it at the gym. 1lb of pure fat take 3,500 cals which is equivalent to a 35 mile run!
It will definately take longer!
I have a few questions for you

1. Why did you start LT?

2. Did you try other diets before LT?

3 Did those diets work, and give you the results you wanted in the time you wanted?

4. Can you control your eating?

If you did try other diets, and they did work...why did you start an extreme diet? If you are anything like me..you have struggled with your 2 stone for a while, no matter what diet you tried, you just couldn't stick to it and over indulged ...just one more, then 2 ...it all adds up and also i am an instant reward kind of person...it was just too GOD DAMN SLOW!!! Although i enjoy exercise, the wmount i was doing to get tiny losses just wasn't sustainable within my life...kids, work, play etc...
So at the end of the day its up to you.. yes, LT is hard (but, apparently easier for men) but once you see good result you will want to carry on and you could also be at goal within 8 weeks...so go have a word with yourself, do a swat anaylsis and figure out for you what is best... i bet you 100 quid you are still on LT in a few weeks x


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100 quid eh :O

grumbles money bags and falls over



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nictastic, will you give me 100 quid for being on LT another few more weeks!!!!! lol


Says it as it is!!!
Nah phil.. you are doing far to well and are tooo full of beans to be needing that kind of encouragement ...12lbs you lucky sod, what i wouldnt give for that in one week x...i am definately coming back as a bloke next time!!! hehe xx
Gordz, I think I'm right in thinking the first weeks loss is water and glycogen and it just maybe you didn't have as much in your system as others have. Give it a couple of weeks then reassess. We all have good weeks and bad weeks but I think the weeks I only lost 2lb were more than made up by the weeks I lost more.

Good luck hun.


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