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In a quandry, advice needed??

Hi all,
I have been on Dukan for just over 6 weeks now and I am losing weight albeit very slowly, only 9lb so far.
My problem is that I have been offered, through a work health and wellbeing scheme, 12 free sessions for Slimming World. I think this is a fantastic opportunity as you get all the info and support and get to attend the weekly meetings with extra support through work!! Problem is, I like Dukan, it agrees with me, there is no counting or measuring, I can eat when I want within the rules so I am rarely hungry:) (I cant bear being hungry, I actually have nightmares about it!!). But I do have concerns with Dukan, mainly with the exclusion and limit of so many foods, such as fruit, vege's, nuts etc which I could have on SW, but then, if I am only losing weight very slowly on Dukan, what would happen if I start introducing these foods, and even, dare I say, carbs??:confused:
I dont know what to do, Ive thought about joining the scheme but continuing Dukan, but I would feel a fraud, plus it kinda defies the point of joining a slimming club without any intention of following their plan!:eek:

Any advice ladies/(gents?), what would you do???


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hi Chic, i'm not really sure what advice to offer here. i'm pretty sure that if you suddenly reintroduce lots of carbs you will gain some weight. I think you have to decide what you want long term. You've not been posting any menus so it's hard for us to guess why your loss has been slow. Dukan is an all or nothing diet, so you will need to decide one way or the other I'm afraid - there are no half measures here!

perhaps it would be an idea to carry on for another week or two posting daily menus so we can pick up on if there's anything there that's slowing down your loss. Is there a time limit on taking the offer up at all?

At the end of the day this has to be something that you decide. You say you like being on dukan, that's it's so easy, so I would say give it another chance but use the resource you have here by posting daily. If it doesn't work out in another week or two you could reconsider your options.
Hi Emma,

Thanks for your reply. I think your right, why change something that your happy with. I think I am just overly tempted by the "free" aspect of it, especially as I was wanting to join a slimming club for years before starting dukan, but was always put off by the cost!!! Plus there is quite a few of the girls in the office joining and it would have been nice to be part of the group and have something to compare notes about.

I have started a diary so hopefully I can be pulled up on my cheating which I probably do too much of but dont register!

The offer is open for a couple of weeks so I can always revisit this option later if I feel the need.

Thanks again.

you could take the sw freebees and try it ...some of the slimming world menus can be low carb but have veg and other things with them ...you seem to be losing slow on dukan , but you are at the slow stage as you dont have masses to lose ...have a look at sw see if you can low carb on it try it out if your not happy you will still be low carbing enough to switch back


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mate this place is better than any slimming club out there. i've posted on your diary, and i don't think you'll like it all but i'd stick with dukan for now - promise yourself to go all out for it for 2 weeks and see how you get on. i think you'll be amazed with what you can achieve!
yep ive just read your diary too .......ummm im with emm that this is a great diet and place , but if you feel you need to make compromises then the diet wont be for you ....it is an all or nothing thing


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I've not (yet) visited your diary, but if you're cheating, then the results will be slow... The advice above from the girls is spot on. If you're ready psychologically to shed your excess weight, I'd stay right where you are - letting the witches beat you up over the cheats. :D
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I looked into SW a while back but no clubs here and not all foods available either (I'm not in UK) so no good for me really, but I know the red days (if that plan still exists) tends to be protein-heavy which ties in a bit with Dukan. I've not been into diaries today yet so don't know what you've been up to ;) but if you have the option to wait a couple of weeks, why not try Dukan first and you'll know by then if you can get on with it or not.

Agreed that support of colleagues can help a lot when dieting, but you'll get support in bucketloads here, I couldn't have done it without these folks!:D

(Or maybe I could have, but would have had a boring, lonely journey stumbling blindly through on my ownsome).
I'd go to the club for the weigh in and moral support whilst sticking to dukan.

You might hear of some good dukanable recipes and meet some nice people.

And if the meetings cover things other than food you'll benefit there too.


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