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In it for the long term

This is the year the bulk of my weight is going to go, I'm fed up with being a fatty and can see myself wearing normal sized clothes once more. I wasn't a fat kid, I put on 4 stone in a year when I was 19 and never recovered from that, gaining more and more as the years went on. 3 children later I now have over 9 stone to lose as my long term goal.

I've lost a stone and half of it in the last 7 weeks, which I'm thrilled with. I have now been tempted by the losses from VLCD so I'm doing exante, first day today and have been 100%. I have 28 days worth and will see how I feel at the end of it. My first big goal is to have lost 3 stone by my sister's wedding in June and I'm halfway there. I've set lots of little ones in between. My next is lose a Ruby (my 2yr old), as a visual that will be really good to look at, pick her up and think I'm this much lighter.

My main aim is to have got to goal by the end of April 2012, my 35th birthday. I will then have many, many more years as the thin me.

Some days, some weeks are hard and I'm only 7.5 weeks into this. It all seems so overwhelming, I mean 1.5 stone is great but really a chink in the weight needed to be lost when you're this big. Visually I know I won't look much different until 4/5 stone in, which will be hard. I do feel like I did when I stopped smoking though (10 yrs ago), determined, no going back. With the fags they're easier to avoid, food is still needed to survive.

I know loads of diets backwards, know how to eat healthily, I cook very nutritious healthy meals at home for the most part, just then I'd eat junk on top of that. So breaking these habits is the thing I need to do and portion size, which is why I think slimming world didn't work for me at this point, I felt too out of control.

WeMitt, here for the long term this time.
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Hi there, You post and you caught my eye. I know it has been said in other threads, but I could have written this myself! apart from the kids bit.

I'm 1.5 stone in and as you say, already had a number of ups and downs. Some days are easy, so are soo hard I want to lock myself in a room to not eat!

Keep up the great work.
hello :)

I too can relate to your post!

Like you I know how to eat healthy and what I should eat, but portion size, finishing kids leftovers and snacking on 'wrong' foods have got me where I am today. Tried and failed many times over the years :cry:

So I am in it for the long haul too, and this time, I'll deal with bad and hard days differently and reach that goal with no looking back!!!!

Good luck
Well I am still very motivated, even with 5 weeks of losing then regaining the same 4lb over and over. Last week I finally got over that hump and I lost 2.5lbs, woohoo. So I'm on the way down again. I've now lost a total of 45lb, my next target is 50lb. I have lost the 3 stone I wanted to lose for my sister's wedding and there's still 5 weeks to go for that, I would have loved to have got the 50lb nailed in time for it. Currently doing weightwatchers which I'm really getting into the swing of. I'm about a third of my way to my overall long term goal which I hope to have done in another year.

It's a long journey, I'm happy that I'm still plugging away at it. I think I'm very much in the mindset now that I will be on a diet for the longterm and I can live with that. I may well stick to weightwatchers from now on. The quick loss on VLCD actually wasn't a great idea for me as it took 5 weeks after that to stablise. I would have most likely lost around that in a 10 weeks period anyway. So slow and steady, as long as it comes off it doesn't matter how long it takes.


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Well done that's brilliant! I too see the temptation of the VLCDs but personally don't think I could "stomach" them and I don't thik they re-educate you in the long term. I agree slow and steady is probably best even if it's not as dramatic.
I just cannot wait to be able to shop in "normal" shops - I fear I may well bankrupt myself in the process lol - but it will be worth it! Keep up the good work x