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in need of a friend :-(

Discussion in 'Slimming World Teams & Challenges' started by mission thinpossible, 16 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. mission thinpossible

    mission thinpossible Full Member

    hi anyone who reads this is using this as a way of release.
    ive tried talking to my friend but knowone understadns unless there in the same position.
    ive been doing slimming world on and off for years but restarted november with full motivation and commitment. i recieved my 1 and half stone award and since ive lost all motivation and commitment :-(
    i eat good teas but snack on chocolate and crisps or just over eat on syns and think i'll start tmoz.
    i really need someone who i can chat to and try to motivate each other, i feel a loser asking for a friend but desperate times eh!!!
    good luck to everyone else on their journeys xx
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  3. Alycyn1980

    Alycyn1980 Addicted to Minimins!!!

    Hey there, u r not a loser and if u mosey on thru the various forums u will find loads of help, encouragement & friendship. I'm prob in the same boat as u - numerous times over with my greatest loss at 3st & about 4 back on. Check my diary & others. It's finding the that motivation that is the trick. Think I jst recently found mine in a then & now foto & as I am replying I am on the treadmill as I felt guilty 4 not exercising 2nite, body aching so jst a wee half hr walk!!

    Ru @ group or going it alone?

    Good luck & feel 2 subscribe & don't 4get 2 create ur own diary.


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  4. PeggyDee

    PeggyDee Full Member

    Hi mission, sorry to hear you are feeling so low. Please don't eat yourself up about it. We are all here because we struggle with our weight and temptation, we all have days when we lose motivation or simply give up. But look how far you have come - you have lost ONE AND A HALF STONE!!! Imagine how you would be feeling right now if you hadn't bothered to start back in November and were still 1.5 stone heavier than you are now. You have shown yourself that it can be done, but you have also faced up to the fact that it is not always easy. Try not to see yourself in a cycle of having given up. Draw the line under the extra syns, the chocolate and crisps and get back on track. When you do, don't keep reminding yourself that you had a wobble, rather keep reminding yourself about why you are doing this and how strong you are. Good luck hun X
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  5. Snozzberry

    Snozzberry Full Member

    I hear you, I've been feeling the same over the past week or two and it worries me, as I recognise this as my usual slippery slope xx
  6. Jackie65

    Jackie65 Full Member

    I've been there maybe even still there this is my third proper attempt at SW lost 3 stone over the last couple of years and lost motivation xmas time and have but 2 stone back on. :mad: Its tough but we can do it!!! I rejoined last week and need to stay on track this time. I had a bbq today and made loads of sw friendly food plus some other stuff for the non dieting people. Was really good food wise at the bbq but just sat and finished off a pack of pringles after everyone had gone....why??? Your not a loser but we will lose this weight!
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  7. SarahButterfly

    SarahButterfly Full Member

    I totally understand you. This is like my 100th attempt at losing weight. Usually when I reach a stone lost I tend to slip back into my old habits.

    Can you think of ways to keep you motivated? One thing I've done is get two glass jars and some glass pebbles. In one jar is the weight I've lost (1 glass pebble is 1 lb) and in the other jar is the weight I have left to lose. It puts everything in perspective and I can stare at them when I feel tempted to go off plan! I've also got a pair of black jeans that I want to fit into so I try them on to remind myself of where I need to be.
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  8. jogirl

    jogirl Silver Member

    It is hard sometimes, I think a lot of people here will understand how you are feeling - I know I do! This is an incredibly friendly and supportive forum- lots of friends here!
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  9. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    I'm sure there are many people here who are in need of a SW friend, it isn't always easy & that's why I love this forum there is always somebody to make you feel better when you are down.

    Have you started a diary? I find that keeps me on track & also people will start comment in your diary you can say how you are feeling & get the support you need. I'd also start subbing to other diaries as well to get idea & 'meet' new friends.
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  10. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    I echo Michelle above. Keep a diary and you will find people follow it and can offer advice and support. Your triumph will come from feeling like this yet not giving up. For me that was the difference in slimming world. If I had a blip or felt low I had the flexibility to maybe give in to cravings but in a structured way so I didn't feel out of control and then would get back on the bike and carry on. In the past feeling like that for me would have signalled the end of it all or I'd give up having lost a good amount but not quite enough if you know what I mean.

    I love over the idea of the glass jars and pebbles btw!!!
  11. stburgan

    stburgan Silver Member

    Hi hun.
    I will be your friend and it's not sad asking for a friend I think it's really brave of you. Im relatively New at this so we can help each other. Good luck hun and stay positive
  12. MissMoneypenny

    MissMoneypenny License to Thrill

    I totally get where you're coming from. I restarted in January full of motivation. Managed to lose a stone and a half and got my Club 10. Then over the space of a weekend life got in the way and that motivation switch in my head just turned off! For the past four weeks I have managed to put 8lbs back on and just can't get back on track. Im miserable and obsessing about how much of a loser I am.

    Need to get my focus back but thats just so hard sometimes...
  13. toots8298

    toots8298 Full Member

    You've done so well so far, Dont beat yourself up over a little slip. Get back on it you'll be fine we're here if u need to chat.
    You can do it,in fact let's do it together!!!
  14. ColJack

    ColJack Gold Member

    What was your reason for joining this time?
    Write it down, laminate it and stick it to the fridge.
  15. tinks*

    tinks* Silver Member

    Hi, Please don't feel bad, and your not a loser for wanting support. Everyone here need support, and someone to talk to. Especially me, I need this, and Facebook groups to keep me motivated.

    You have done amazingly well, and you should be proud. Look back at any photos you have of your beginning weight and take one now, and compare the difference.

    Plus, look at the goals you have achieved. Amazing.

    I'm here if you need someone to talk to, like everyone.

  16. kisforkelsey

    kisforkelsey Full Member

    Most of us have felt like this at one point or another I think, so don't feel bad at all! :)

    Try to focus not so much on what you're currently losing, but what you've already lost. I sometimes feel a bit stuck in the mud and I find that visual things help me, like the chalkboard thing that say "__ lbs lost __ to go.

    You've done so well so far, don't give up! :) xxxx
  17. Blueboxgeek

    Blueboxgeek Full Member

    Just wanted to send some hugs (((hugs)))) I think most of us have been in the exact same situation. I'm fairly new so not sure I can send messages yet but happy to chat once I am! I'm at a similar weight to you and although just joined slimming world yesterday I am a re-joiner and hoping to stay motivated this time xx
  18. EatenMess

    EatenMess Full Member

    Back again (doing it at home) in need of a support buddy / buddies please

    Hi All

    I am Becs, 32 and single mummy to 2 children.

    After a really tough few years and seperating from the childrens father, and relocating with the kids early last year, all my hard effort has gone to pot.

    I did lose quite a lot of weight quickly early on this year (clean eating and trying Juice Plus) - but then started dating, met a lovely guy and fell back into bad eating habits.

    I , today, woke up and just decided to get back on the trusty SW. I unfortunately cannot attend group. However I really, really need to make a real go of this! I have a few social occasions coming up and in a year will be Maid of Honour at a friends wedding. I cannot carry on with the gorgeous fattening meals, deserts and wine I have been guzzling lately!

    Embarrassingly a number of my friends were so impressed with my weight loss over 18 months ago and the meals I was making that they jumped on the SW bandwagon and now look amazing! I don't see them too often and don't want to inundate them on FB with SW stuff..so really really would appreciate support on here!

    I love cooking from scratch and know my downfalls (wine, cheese, take aways and 'cannot be bothered-ness :rolleyes:)

    Anyway - that's pretty much it in a nutshell :D

    B x
  19. miss roberts

    miss roberts Member

    Hi Becs, I'm 34 mum of one teenager and I've been doin sw from home for 13 months,didn't have a massive amount to lose as I calorie counted for a few years before I started this.
    I've lost 2 stone 4lbs on sw and I've never set foot at a group,so everything I've learnt is off here and netmums,I'll help if I can x
  20. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Hi Beds
    I haven't ever been to group either- borrowed a book for a few weeks and picked up lots of hints and tips from the lovely folk of Minimins :)
    My downfalls are similar to yours- I always fall off the wagon when the weekend comes round with way too much wine then spend the rest of the week playing catch up!
    I like that you can have (some) takeaways within syns- Indian food is dead easy to still eat and remain within syns- if you can resist starters!
    Inundate here and usually there is someone on hand with a wise word! Good luck with your weight loss!
    Rosie x
  21. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    *Becs. Damn auto correct!
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