In need of positivity!!


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Hi every1,

Ive been on & off exante 4 da past 6 months. I managed to loose sme weight but not all of it. So now i want to gt back on2 the exante wagon but all my motivation has disappeared :((
I want this so bad but cant gt my head back in the zone


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Perhaps write down a list of pros and cons about weight / size ...

What would you be able to do or wear if you lost the weight that you can't do now? Is there something you've always wanted to do but your size has prevented you?

For me, when I did Cambridge years ago I said that when I hit a certain weight I'd go horse-riding (something I couldn't do at over 22st). When I got down to nearly 12st I did just that - booked up and went horse-riding with my youngest daughter.

Also, I hadn't been swimming for 20 years ... when I lost the weight I not only went swimming but ventured down a flume for the first time in my life.

Don't make it just an exercise on 'looks' or clothes ... make it about life and living. You want a piece of that!
Climbing up onto a horse like a 'normal' person and having my breath taking away shooting down a flume beat sitting on the sofa eating choccy biscuits any day!

Maybe keep it low key until January ... keep an eye on what you eat - maybe do Exante WS and then go for it! New Year - new you!
Give yourself a goal ... ice skating, abseiling, hiking ... anything you wouldn't normally do. Maybe even do it for charity for even more of an incentive.

Good luck! :)


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Russian doll. That is great advice!! I too am gonna climb on board again. I'm.gonna do my snow board lessons and join OH on the slopes. I'm gonna go on a bike ride! But I hadnt even thought of these as motivation for my weak moments :) for me it was all about my upcoming wedding... X