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In need of some motivation, finding it tough :(

Hey guys,

Sorry to come on here and be negative, i know i doesnt help you all!

On sunday i was really struggling with my normal routine and instead of having a shake in the morning i had some eggs, then at luch we were out with our friends and because i didnt want to be left out i had a side salad, at dinner time i was so hungry i had a bar and an omlette, and less water through out the day than i would normally have, i then got weighed on monday and lost 2 lbs, which i know you will all say is fine but i couldnt help being a little dissapointed with as i had made such an effort that week (apart from sun!) and had been swimming a few times, so then i carried on my eating over monday and tuesday too, i havent had any carbs but have eaten quite alot and now i feel really bad!! iam due a period next week so i dont know if thats whats spurring me into this bad habbit?! but im determined to do this from today.. i keep going over all the reasons in my head as to why im doing theis to try and motivate me but i feel a bit deflated from my own actions now!! i need a kick up the arse please...... xx
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kick up the arse coming your way followed by a hug, we all get weeks like this that was me a few weeks ago don't beat yourself up about it just draw a line under it and get back in the game. 2lbs is good for a week were you had a few meals. so be thankful it was still a loss get drinking and focus on the goal look back on how far you have come and you will be at goal soon enough xxx


going to do it!!!!
hi there,
i think ypuve done amazing so far and just hope i can do as well. im only on day 7 of my 1000th restart and have found it really tough going its such a hard diet but so worth it when you stick with it.
i think you should just look back on your weight loss and this will give you the kick up the backside that you need as you do not want to jepodise( crappest speller in the world me;)) all your hard effort.
big hug as i know how you feel and keep on losing xx
thanks kerry and josiejo- keep up your hard work too, you will get in the swing of things soon enough, you know 1st week is always the hardest! x


is a naughty girl...
I have been off plan since sunday, I dont know why and I have been eating carbs. There is no reason for it, I just decided to eat. I get weighed tonight and I will take the punishment, my scales say I have put on 4lb :(

So if you want a motivation partner I can help! :D

I hope you are feeling ok and that your head is in the right place, I need to find mine for tomorrow! good luck sweetie, not that you will need it! xx
thanks honey, i dont know why we get like this!! i nearly went for the carbs!! i spent at least 1 min with a choc mini roll about an inch from my face and didnt eat it, not sure how i did that, if i had unwrapped it i would have eaten it!! yay!!! we can get back on it togeather!!! think my head is in the right place now, am on my 2nd litre this am, why dont you glug as much as you can today until a couple of hours before your weigh in and see if that helps flush it all through! :) xx
I always go for carbs when i have PMT and I really struggle with the voices in my head around that time, but you are fighting them really well so don't focus on why am i having these thoughts focus on not giving in well done on not eating the mini roll. xx


is a naughty girl...
thanks lottie, I am drinking lots of water today, I really dont think I have a chance of flushing it all through :) I am not upset at myself we all do it, I know I will be back on plan tomorrow 100% I want half a stone off before christmas so that is probably 11lb now, I will get on with it :D xxx
your weight gain wont be fat yet, so its likely that it will disappear as fast as it arrived!
Youre doing everything you should do.. focus on your loss so far.. did you keep any 'big' clothes? I kept a pair of trousers that were tight on me in June, I put them on when i need an ass kick and they remind me how far ive come...
I always go for carbs when i have PMT and I really struggle with the voices in my head around that time, but you are fighting them really well so don't focus on why am i having these thoughts focus on not giving in well done on not eating the mini roll. xx
yeah im hoping thats all it is and that that was the hardest part over with!!

you know looking back im not sure how i didnt eat that mini roll!! i suppose thats an achievment in itself! lol! i must have looked crazy if anyone had seen that!

I threw all my trousers out but i wonder if there are some lurking in the loft i might have a look and try them on! good idea alyb!

megan you can do it!!! i have also put a new year goal on my signature and i think its way out but ill have a go! we can do it!:D:D
good effort on not eating the mini roll!! it may not have stopped at just one! once you get the taste its even worse!
another trick i like is when im shopping for clothes, i pick up the same thing in many sizes. Mostly as I dont know what fits, but its always nice when my 'old' size falls straight off!!


Excited about the new me!
Lottie, hope you're motivation has picked up from these lovely people on here. One more thing, 21lb's you've lost.. wowww, thats a stone and half, in 4 weeks, thats fab. Look at your inch loss yoo, that always used to help me. I'm re-starting today, so back to square one for me. Good luck, though by the looks of things I think you have it handled well. xxx
Hi Lottie,

We've all been there, done that -- and knowing that you STILL lost two pounds is fantastic. This week to give yourself motivation... keep saying, if I stick to plan and drink the water... I can probably DOUBLE my Losses!

lottie.. :)

Periods play havoc with our food demons let me tell you. Just before my period i could eat ALL of the cadbury products in one sitting...so i take myself off to bed usually about 6pm!! this lasts for about 2 days and is my hell time..so you aint alone ;) I actually think you've done well! and STILL a loss!!!

We all (well most of us) blip at some point...it doesnt mean the diet is over ;) its just a hump in the road..... you'll get over it .

Chin up - hang in there - and big line drawn under it xxxxx
awwww you guys!!!! thanks for all the lovely messages! Am feeling much better thank you, and yes im thinking its def because its that horrible time of the month (well the week b4 as i also have a spot today!! :( lol!) and if i had eaten that miniroll i prob would have eaten the whole packet and then some!! so looking back i did well to keep to protein only, just the rest of the week that i hope we all sail through easily enough! xxxxx


is a naughty girl...
Glad you are feeling better! I am back from WI and i only put on 1.25lb so not as bad as i thought, I will be back on 100% tomorrow. I think drinking all that water helped ;) xxx
well done hun!! see not the 4lbs you thought!!! well i caved again last night and ended up having chicken!! didnt get in form work till 9pm and was grumpy and miserable- no excuse i know! according to my scales this am ive put on half a pound. so back to CD 100% only for next 4 days before my weigh in! good luck today! lets stick to it and hopefully ournext weigh ins will show the hard work. xxxx

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