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  1. slimjanine


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    I know this is the best place to come for this, so I'm hoping someone can inspire me to get back on track. I've been on LL for about 60 days and I've done really well (lost in total nearly 2 stone) but have more of less stopped it over last 12 days due to a lot of early morning flights, long hours and extreme work stress (not to mention posh hotels with gorgeous food!) I've only put on about 4.5lbs which is quite incredible as I fully admit I've been a bit of a piggy and totally succombed to comfort eating (late nights in hotels working), but I'm trying to put this behind me and get back on the wagon but i'm failing miserably! for the past couple of days, I've been having sachets and 8 pints of water and telling myself, this is the start of another stone off by Xmas and yesterday I managed to stick to sachets until about 6pm - felt really proud of myself but then gave in to temptation in the evening - urghhh!! - :mad: :mad: Today I've had 2 sachets and hoping this is the start of me getting back on track but worried I'll fail again! Any words of advise of how I'm going to get back in control again would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. mac79

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    Hi - I'm struggling too. I was doing ok. Really strict and then I had some chicken. Since then I am finding it really hard to deal with the abstinence. Keeping my journal helps and reading through the green book in my own time but I do struggle in the evening.

    Has anyone who has wobbled managed to get back on the strict straight and narrow of abstinence?
  4. Gen

    Gen Normal

    Ok so you have just had a little 'break' who can blame ya with posh hotels and the like :D :D

    instead of looking at getting to 6pm and eating yesterday as a failing... why not look at it as something you have achieved... getting to 6pm without food that is really good!! so maybe today aim to get to 7pm and have something protein to eat rather than just blowing everything just because you think you are failing by not able to get through the day????

    you did brilliant to get to day 60 and not eat... so you know you can do it... its just a matter of getting your head into adult mode and getting there!!!


    Gen xx

    note to self... take own advice :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

  5. Stardreamer

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    I find the evenings really hard too!! I tend to make large crisps with my packs and add tobasco sauce. They are yummy and feel like a treat. I usually wait to eat them at around 8pm ish. It works for me! Also I have an early night!!
    Good Luck!
  6. mags1x

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    Bit of this bit of that
    I tend to keep one pack back for later in the evening too.

    If you could just commit yourself for 4 days, then I am sure you would be back in ketosis and find it much easier again, as someone has already said you got to day 60! That is a great achievement and you KNOW you can do this!

    Try to think how you felt before you started this, I'll bet you don't want to risk going back there again!

    Good Luck, 90% of this is all in the head, keep telling yourself you CAN do it and you will.

    I've been drinking a lot of hot flavoured water recently and thats been helping me too.

    go on you CAN do it!

  7. Slim at heart

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    God I know exactly how you feel, I've been struggling myself big time but started again yesterday morning & am 100% commited this time (have been in the past too!!), I'm just trying to take it 1 day at a time, I got through yesterday & was so proud & now if I get through today (ie tonight- that's the hardest time for me!) I will be delighted...

    The most important thing is to remember that even if you don't make it through tonight (WHICH YOU WILL!!) not to use it as an excuse to go completely off coarse & tomorrow is another day...

    Good luck & as someone else said if you tell yourself you can you can!!!

  8. Flopster

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    Lighter Life
    I did that so many times during abstinence it wasn't funny!

    This is screaming out crooked thinking to me - what has changed since day 1 when you went into ketosis last time - maybe you can do a thought record (they come at week 8 so you may not be there yet). You are doing really well to get to the evenings so where are your thoughts going from there (or do you switch your thoughts off like I do - I mentally turn off a switch and refuse to listen to my logical self).

    You have got to white knuckle it to get back into ketosis, the first few days are horrendous and you will be starving but you know that once you are back in ketosis you have the comfort blanket around you.

    Also drink your water warm and with flavourings, it is more satisfying that way. Like the others have said, save a pack for the evenings, I used to either make crisps or I used to chop up a bar into tiny pieces and nibble on that (I still do that even now). A hot savoury drink is another great tool to get you through - I find them strangely satisfying and they always just about "hit the mark".

    Keep a diary on your thoughts here when you are tempted to eat, have a hot bath, read a book, do some sewing or knitting, have an early night - anything to just get through.

    If all else fails, keep a bit of cooked chicken in the fridge and if you really must, then nibble at that.

    Good luck.
  9. Ann2shoes

    Ann2shoes Ann2shoes

    Try not to nibble at all. I found that when I did nibble (during last few days of Foundation) it was much harder to abstain completely. Just keep asking yourself, `how will I feel in six months if I give this thing up now?`. It worked every time for me. Just try and stick it out, it`s so worth it.
  10. slimjanine


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    Thanks for the support!

    Thanks for your messages - I know you are all talking lots of sense and I just need to get myself back into Ketosis and get through those first few days again! I'm afraid to say I've been totally crap today and I'm going to the gym this evening to wipe the slate clean and then make a bigger effort to be stronger tomorrow! I've taken note of all the good tips and I'll keep you posted of my progress!:)
  11. Isis

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    Great advice Stardreamer:D

    I am (was!!) a crispaholic and always associated them with sitting down in front of the tv at night.

    I know I also feel like I'm having a treat when I make some for the evening and going to bed early is DEFINITELY a good idea.

    I get on here though and can't get off!!!!:D
  12. Jodie

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    Lighter Life
    I am only on week 3 and so cannot know exactly where you are coming from (other than I can still remember really clearly what the first few days were like). I had massive cravings for chocolate buttons, to the extent that I was completely miserable and horrible to everyone! But it does only last for a few days, and then it is all uphill from there. Just try to distract yourself from food/ say to yourself that, if you still really want something in half an hour, you can have it (and in that half hour have a bath/ go for a walk/ ring someone/ have a cup of tea) - you should find that you now feel it isnt worth it. Cravings are so strong when they come, but they do go eventually, and you will be so proud of yourself if you havent given in.
    Also, I save at least one pack for the evening (one savoury and one sweet) because I know that is my weak time and that I would eat rubbish if I had no packs left. Maybe try doing this for a while? Or have a savoury drink in the evening.
    Hope this helps a bit. Best of luck, xx
  13. Pixie

    Pixie Silver Member

    Hi Janine.
    I just need to tell you that your website and blog was the reason why I started LL in the first place as it was so inspiring.
    I saw the lighterlife website and wasn't too impressed as I thought it was probably all propaganda then I found your site and I was so impressed by your piccies I called up my counsellor straight away.
    I am on day 20 now and have lost a stone at my last weigh in last Saturday (Ive been away since then)
    So keep it up your pics are fab and your blog is truely inspiring!
    You've come so far you can't let us down now!
  14. mindless

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    Oh slimjanine,

    I know it is late but come on girl, your progress to date has been great and you look fantastic (from your last pictures on your website)

    This may not help, but speaking as a bloke type chappy - you are definitely moving in the right direction !!!

    I also have a job where I am away from home in nice hotels a lot - indeed, the first 3 days of my program will be at a management conference where there will be all the things I crave after - cooked breakfast, buffet lunch and evening meal with drinks in the bar - except, I have finally realised that these are also the temptations that will test my resolve to be the person I want to be.

    I had the same issues when I gave up drinking for 5 years - how the hell do you survive when all others are 'enjoying' themselves around you eh?

    Lets face it - we all know what a healthy diet consists of eh? so we are where we are 'cos some little sodding switch in the head is not turned to 'economy setting' when it comes to eating.

    This is even more of an issue with you having popped out of ketosis - as this really does change your mind set, it really does - I know this only after 18 months on Atkins (which I fell off due to my life getting truly crappy at home with ex-partner so maybe I am not best to give advice/support eh?)

    Anyhow, in short, I think I am trying to say (badly), you look as if you were moving to a much finer place with your progress (FOR YOU AND NOT FOR SOMEONE ELSE) and you should take great personal pride and kudoss from this.

    I am an admirer now (think how scary that sounds!) so don't go letting me down :D

    bon courage and if you can't do anything before Xmas, lets move forwards together in the New Year - you have a head start, lets face it:)

    hyper hug

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  15. AmandaJayne

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    Flopster is right ....

    ... with her advice about THOUGHT RECORDS. They saved me when I went on holiday in October with the family. If you haven't done them at your LL meetings yet, ask your counsellor to talk you through it anyway.

    Thought Records force you to address the reason that you want to eat, and analyse WHY this is so.

    I have a photocopies of the form taken from my green book and took several with me to Mallorca. I filled in about 5 over the week and they really helped me to honestly focus on my self-destructive thoughts, to recognise and analyse them and to see the bigger, long-term picture. My family were great during the holiday and adapted what we did to minimise any difficulties I might have had. However they still had to eat! Sometimes it was difficult to watch and realise that I was not able to take part. I would get "it's not fair", and "I feel left out", and "Why can't I be like everyone else" and "I want some of that, just a bit" moments.

    Your achievement is grand Slimjanine, look at it in THAT perspective. Have you done Crooked Thinking yet? You'll find THAT helpful too...

    Dont give up - you're worth it!
  16. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Great post mindless!

    Particularly liked this. How true. I hate it when people say that doing this diet means we don't learn about healthy eating. Arrrgggghhh. I will remember this 'economy setting' description :) Brill.
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