In Such a BAD Mood!


Finally...Life begins
:mad: :mad:
Don't know why! No one has upset me, diet is going well, drank my water.

Don't fancy food, TOTM nearly over, had enough sleep, daughter been an angel today, but don't know why I am in such a stinker of a mood.

hubby keeps asking me whats up as apparently I keep sigh-ing!

Fed up as I really want some new clothes but skint but thats pretty normal for me lol, oh and I would like to be slim now, not in a few months time LOL!

Argh, just need to whinge!
Hi Angela

I'm really glad everything is going so well for you back on track with the diet. Hubby caring etc. I think maybe your a bit like my hubby NEVER HAPPY UNLESS HE'S GOT SOMETHING TO MOAN ABOUT! ha ha.

No really my guess is you are so determined and so positive that you will get there that even the Cambridge diet isn't fast enough for you. But that's just today get an early night and you'll be your usual bubbly self tomorrow. Face it the weight does drop off fast enough. Xmas will soon be here and you will look fantastic in all your new clothes.

Dizzy x
((hugs)) What size are you some of us might have some 'new to you' clothes ;)
I have gotten rid of most of mine though in honesty..

Perhaps have a look on eBay or if you don't mind charity shops.. you can get some real bargains! and you've done so well so far. ((Hugs))

Hang in there.. go have a bath, go to bed early.. whatever works for you! ;)
Try piling up your tins from your cupboards... feel the weight you've lost!
I tell everyone but honestly... you'll see the difference and it's not the end of the road, you will double and treble that very very soon!

The sales will be on again v.soon too! ;)
The charity shop idea is a good one, i love looking round them and gettin some great designer stuff for £4 lol. They r especially great for us lot loosin weight cos you can get a new set of clothes as you go down sizes and not have to worry that it will cost alot when u wont b in them long. I found a lovely swade jacket last month, shame i will b too small for it soon, but then it only cost £8 lol.
Cheer up babe.
I think we all get like this at times I know I do.
Just think Christmas will soon be here and you will have something nice to wear and you will look great.
I agree with the charity shop thing but then as i work in one I would do.That is where all my too big cloths have gone and my friends as well.I have also brought some nice bits to help me on the way down.
It is nice just to try things on as well,things I would never wear and would never try on in a shop.
Have an early night if poss and hopwfully you will feel brighter in the morning.
Thank you alll!!

Feeling Much Much better today, Especially after my dream I had last night, it involved me looking pretty good in a lovely black number, I had killer thighs!!! I was on TV and was out with lot of famous gorgeous men!! Can't say too much without blushing, but if it gets me thru the day I am happy!!
He He Angela I just love having those dreams, leaves you with a BIG smile for the whole day after!!!
Hi Angela,
Glad your feeling better today, just keep thinking of your lovely black dress, oh and of course famous gorgeous men. xxx
Glad you feel better honey, I guess the truth is we have all off days, whether we are dieting or not; the difference is if you were not dieting you would probably have something to eat to cheer you up. So then you would be even more fed up because you would know the scales would show an increase! So the moral of this story is, better to be p***ed off when dieting than not! LOL
glad your feeling better today, this diet is hard on the emotions and some days are harder than others with no apparent reason,
Hi Angela,

Glas you're having having a better day.

We all get them hun.

Take care