In the 12's!


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I am now 12st 13.4lbs as of this morning!

Last time I was here was after spending FIVE months on WW - it took me that long to loose this much on WW!

I feel so completely fab, and in prob about a month I'll be in the 11's - I've NEVER EVER been there since probably I was in first year at Uni - and that was, oh 8 years ago.

And bought some really well fitting size 16 trousers yesterday - never even had to think, oh maybe I better get the 18's. They fit! Perfectly :D

This diet is nuts, but its soooo worth it.
Thrilled for you!! You've probably lost the 0.4lb jumping up and down with the excitement.

Enjoy the new trousers. Wear them to death because they'll be too big soon.

Dizzy x
Well done wobbly...I started CD today and if I can lose as much as you have in 4 weeks I'd be dead chuffed!!! Actually, if I could feel my work clothes and jeans even just a little looser by next week I'd be happy!!
Kazz - in a week, you're clothes will be looser, not just because you've lost weight, but also because you won't be eating carbs etc. You can almost GUARANTEE they will be!

Good luck hon - everytime you've got an urge for food, grab a giant glass of water, and come and read all the amazing stories on here.

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Well done!
Libbie and I hit the 12's last week and it sure feel's fab!
Bought new size 16 jeans.. and even accidentally squeezed into a 14 (hanger said 16).

Soon we'll be in the 11's... and hitching up our new smaller jeans/trousers! lol
YAY !! you must feel fantatsic :D
Well done wobbly,I know how great you feel as PH said we did it last week feels wonderfull and the size 16s as well
At this rate you will not be Wobbly for much longer !!hehehe
You will soon be in the 11st and the size 16s will be fulling down,yeaaaaa