In the beginning... inspired by the ICE MOOSE

I know that you are on here a lot Ice Moose... but I publically want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me with your blog...

I was searching aroung google looking to be inspired to lose weight... and after a few days of reading and coming back to your blog I read it all.. from start to finish!

So... here I am... someone who loves food... about to take the step to changing the rest of my life. I begin the diet on Wednesday- for now I am cutting back my carbs as requested. :eek:

Feel free for all new people to msn me if you're wanting to share your journey.. truimphs and tribulations... just need someone to support and congratulate you that is going through the same thing.

Catch me on msn: [email protected]

Soon to be 'little' bluefurrymonster

Mike... I never really believed I had a chance; until now! Thankyou sooooo much for you may have inspired me to change the rest f my life
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Thanks for that BB

Good luck on the diet and just hang in there for those first few days and it becomes really good fun.

Look forward to getting to know you better as you get slimmer.



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Hi and welcome. Mikes blog is fab isnt it!!

When you're feeling fed up in these first few days read through the diarys on here - it really helps keep you going. :) Mines in there somewhere with my blogspot diary address. Thats got piccies on and my journey from the start - just about to upload new piccies too.

Good luck and i'll add you to my messenger list. Feel free to chat anytime. :)
Thanks for the replies guys.

I will check out other peoples blogs in times of hunger... think it's a great way to provide distraction!

How do you get one of those ticker factory things on ur profile? I think they're great!

Helen... I will check out ur blog if I can find it

And Ice.. I forgot to say well done on ur acheivement!

Will stay in touch and let u know how the first week (the week of doom) goes :)

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Hi there, yes Mikes' blog is truely an inspiration, got me through the first few days anyway!!
I've added you to my MSN so feel free to chat anytime & if anyone wants to add me it's [email protected], I love chatting in real time it's great for getting over difficult moments too!!
Take care & well done for making the start, every journey begins with the first step!!!


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it was mikes blog that inspired me to do this diet, i read how he coped with it and i thought well it doesnt sound so bad, and i show his blog to anyone who expresses an interest, and when i need an answer to a question i go look at his blog tosee if he has covered it, and usually the answer is there, i dont know if he realises he is in a lot of peoples favourite list lol, i will always be grateful to him for writing it, as its helped me so many times, i was actually going to om him and tell him this, but i thought i better not he might think im a weirdo lol, so this thread is for me an excellent oppurtunity to express how i felt, thanks again mike,


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Mike's blog was also my inspiration for starting CD in February - I read it from start to finish and thought "wow, this could actually work".

7 months later, I'm now 10 stone lighter.......

So Mike, a huge thanks :D

If anyone wants to chat, my msn is [email protected] or email [email protected]

Jem xx


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here here to all of that - it was Mike's blog that inspired me and made me realise that I COULD do this mad diet....only 3 weeks in and still have a long way to go...but know I can do it this time :D

thanx Mike !!


The Diet Guy
Thanks everyone!!

But the magic is in you I promise!!

Bonkers diet but it works!

Mike's blog really inspired me to be on Cambridge Diet. Whenever I feel down and my willpower is getting weak, I always check out his blogsite for encouragement and it brings me back on track all the time.

Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us who have weight problems.