increase in dental problems after vlcd anyone?

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    This is just a quick question, as anyone else besides me found that they have had loads of dental problems after losing weight on a vlcd?
    I lost nearly 6 stones last year using a combination of LL and Cd and then a mixture of low calorie and vlcd for the last stone or so.
    My dental problems started when I had been on the diet about 3 months, first it was my bridgework that seemed to have shifted , my dentist was at a loss to understand it , but I knew myslef that the teeth had changed position and my gums seemed to have shrunk. Since then I have had literally hundreds of pounds of treatment. Crowns that keep detaching, filled teeth fracturing , and gum infections. The most recent episode was the mother of all infections on my lower left wisdom tooth , and then in the last few days the lower right wisdom toothe is now painful, so I suspect that has become infected also.
    Apart from losing weight nothing else has happened to warrant a big change in my dental health, care regime remains unchanged, but I have never had so much trouble with the old knashers, I suppose it could be my age , but its so dramatic the difference in a few months I am left pondering if it is a result of changing from a solid diet to just liquids. I read somewhere that when you chew it realeases saliva and that saliva contains enzymes that actually protect your teeth from decay, and as on vlcd we dont really chew much , and the liquid diet is very rich in nutrients and iis able to get into and stay in contact withall the nooks and cranies in your mouth for longer? I wondered if it could be this that has caused the problems?
    Anyhoo just thought Id run it past you guys.
    Even if it was the vlcd , I would rather be 6 stone light with a bit of a manky mouth thean be fat again LOL
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    I have noticed that i get a much larger build up of plaque/tartar that takes an enourmous amount of time and effort to get rid of, i never had this problem before LL.
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    My teeth are far more sensitive than they were before LL. My dentist has noticed that I have had a lot of enamel erosion and the sensitivity is coming from that. I find it difficult to drink enough water so have been drinking the sparkling stuff, 4 lts a day, but this is whats causing the problem not the diet itself. I always thought it was the sugar that was bad but the co2 not good either.
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    hmmm... thats interesting about the erosion, and the plaque build up , both are major causes of decay so I guess long term and untreated this could lead to problems down the line. Thanks for the replies , and good luck guys hope you dont get any problems like me. The ironic part is that when I was in ketosis I brushed and rinsed my mouh more than any time in my life, as I always had a taste in my mouth and was paranoid about keto breath. Unfair or what ? lol
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    Yes, I also noticed it. Since a few days I got even pain from a tooth the dentist had to pull out half a year ago. Very strange feeling! :(
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