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Hi Chaps,

I have been suffering from awful indigestion today - the only thing I can put it down to is using the water flavourings. Up until this week I seldom used it but for some reason or other I've really fancied it lately and have been using it more often than not for the past 7/8 days. I've been feeling really full up as if I've eaten lots.

Has anyone else found this?

I have also found that on the occasions when I have 'cheated' I suffer with the dreadful indigestion for about two days - is this fairly common or just me?!
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Its definately the water flavourings as I suffered for weeks not knowing what it was then I ran out and had a week off and it went.

The following week at class I had some again with the water and it started almost immediately again... Since I stopped taking them that has been it - totally gone.

Give it a go

I spent days moaning and whinging on here about my indigestion. It didn't click until one day when I'd not had any water flavouring for a few days, it just disappeared! I thought it could be the bars, but I've been having those again recently and it wasn't them. It was definitely the water flavouring and a few girls in my class also said the same thing.

Stay away from it - evil stuff!!!

Thanks for that chaps - it was so bad last night I thought I might be having a heart attack (which I wasn't!).

I have a tendency towards having a sensitive stomach in any case (an aspect of ageing no doubt) and have to be careful about what I eat and drink so now I have one more thing to add to my list.

I saw the doctor this morning about the indigestion (I didn't mention LL of water flavourings though) and a couple of other things and he has given me some tablets which should help but for now I had a stomach like Buddah and am belching like a navvy - nice!!!! :eek:

I shall take my left over flavouring (three quarters full) to class this evening and see if someone else can use it. It cost me £9.00 though - what a waste!!!!

Bloated Possum


I can do this.
I can't use the water flavourings..gives me heartburn.


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