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Induction advice


I'm starting today - made a start on Friday but had some news that made me reach for chocolate and wine to drown my sorrows.

In a much better (angrier which is healthier :rolleyes: ) state of mind and plan to start today, properly.

Could I ask 2 things - coffee / tea.......I love tea but don't think I could drink it black, so think I will be giving it up......coffee I can drink black, but how many cups am I permitted each day please?

Also - if you have any hints or tips on how to complete induction successfully, what would they be? I want to get through this next fortnight with a few lbs off at the other end and not stall myself!

Many thanks - will update my diary later.

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Good luck with the induction Dawnie... I'm not really sure how many cups you can have but I'd keep the quantity to a minimum and focus on getting your liquids from just water - and lots of it! Lol

The mantra on this woe is "clean and green" - particularly for the induction phase... Ie veg, salad and protein... Keep processed / tampered with food to a minimum ... Also cheese and cream can stall so approach with caution...

Others on here will know much better than me and I'm sure will jump on your post when they find it...

Hope it goes well for you :)


" If at First".....
This is what the '72 book says for induction.

"Drinks: Water, Mineral water, Vichy, Club soda; Beef or Chicken broth, bouillon; Sugar free diet soda; coffee*, tea, decaffeinated coffee
---------*Special note on caffeine and Diet Cola. Because most heavy people have some hypoglycaemia, coffee, which contains caffeine, should be limited to six servings a day (cups). If you know you have low blood sugar, better limit it to three.
Plus it says you can have 4 teaspoons heavy cream per day - in induction.

I drink Nescafe' with double cream. It doesn't stall me ( it's stupid binges that stall me) but I can't advise you, we are all different.

Others on here may give you better advice, I'm not a tea drinker I'm afraid. Good luck. :)

Hi Alpaca, you posted whilst I was one finger typing. :)
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Determined to succeed!
Tea wise, I treat myself about once a week and have it will a little splash of single cream. Really not bad! Good luck xx
Hello Everhopeful... I have the "groping in the dark" approach and I always find information from others helpful ... Although I've read both Atkins books and have pretty much followed things to the letter I find that I need to manage calories as well as carbs in order to lose 2lb a week or there abouts ... Otherwise I can eat without guilt and as much as I want but only seem to lose 6lbs or so a month! Not a lot of difference but 2lbs is a very precious loss lol :)


" If at First".....
Alpaca, I'll have to count calories as well I think, I have gone completely in the wrong direction weight wise this week. I have also been out to lunch with my son & dilly (daughter in law) today - oh dear!
You are doing wonderfully well so what ever you are doing is working. :)

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