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Inflamed Bladder & Ditropan

This quite random, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had/got an inflamed bladder (I think it's sometimes also called interstitial cystitis).

Basically I was having some problems with recurring UTIs since late December.. Some might remember I posted about it in January? Well, I'm still having problems & it's getting worse. Antibiotics seem to help somewhat but now my Dr thinks I might have an inflamed bladder. I've been referred to a Urologist but apparently waiting lists are long so I could be suffering for a while before I get any real answers.

My Dr has put my on Ditropan & it seems to help a little with urine urgency but not the frequency.. It also makes it quite difficult for me to urinate properly.. I really have to force it out! (Sorry, tmi!) I get a ridiculously dry mouth in the mornings & while walking my dog & it stops me from sweating almost completely so I have to be careful of heat stroke! Great for the summer!

I'm just worried about a few things.. My symptoms seem eased whenever I eat a lot of food, not sure if that's just because I'm comfort eating though! & I'm obviously worried about not being able to use the toilet properly & overheating whenever I go out in the sun!

Has anyone else had this? Am I completely alone? Any support or advice would be welcomed. My younger brother seems very concerned about the tablets stopping me from sweating & the dry mouth. He says it's not natural but it's better than needing the toilet 24/7. At the moment I can't even begin to imagine holding down a job because who wants to hire the girl who needs toilet breaks every 5 minutes? I thought it was bad with my IBS but this is pure hell!

Luckily, I have no pain with it atm & hopefully it'll stay that way, it's just the frequency that's bugging me. Sometimes I can't even fall asleep because it feels like I'm gonna wee myself. God, I feel like an old woman! I'm only 25, this shouldn't be happening to me!
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I went through a phase in my late teans constantly having UTIs which then led to severe kidney infections. I ended up in hospital 5 times in one year. Eventually the urologist diagnosed that my tubes needed stretching. I had the op (urethal stretch) and with the exception of 1 instance due to my meds I haven't had any issues since.

Hope you get it sorted, the constant peeing is awful, I feel for you. Glad the pains not bad for you, I was forever in agony, felt like I'd been kicked in the kidneys x

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