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So today I was walking through the local mall and a girl I was previously friends with walked by. Now we'd had a huge arguement years back and not talked since, I tried to reconcile but she was her normal stubborn self.

Any way onto the matter at hand, she still looks slender as ever and although her style has changed a little she still looks pretty much the same. The story for me is a little different though as I had moved to Scotland and gained the best part of 3 stone. Now despite the fact I am doing well losing on this plan and even today I resisted McDonalds which my friends all ate infront of me I still felt a bit worthless and as if had she caught my eye and seen me I'd get laughed at. I was insecure about myself back when I was friends with her but now today I just felt like a bloated mess.

I really wanna love myself and feel proud of my small but satisfying achievement but I just can't.

end of rant :/
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you have done so well you have lost nearly a stone so far, she is insignificant to you hon. Do not worry about her she is not worth it. V Petty. I suggest you carry on as you did, hold your head high and ignore her. You are the better person.

Sending you lots of hugs and hope you can feel better about yourself soon.


Wishing and hoping!
jus remember your achievements and the progress you have made. I kno it is human trait to compare ourselves to others but yuor on yuor own journey and stick to the positives that make you happy, e.g. resisiting mcdonalds - you it may seem nothing but it a huge achievement of self control and determination with sticking to SW, well done!
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hun u have done amazing and u r so beautiful u have nothing to be insecure about.
but as insecure as u feel i bet she feels it to cause most woman r insecure and usually the more confident they look the more insecure they r (i talk from exprience i appear very confident but i'm not)
the other thing is hun her life might seem great but it might not be she could be having a terriable time.
if she doesn't want to be your friend it really is her loss cause u r such a caring person cause u r always helping people on here.
u need to love yourself hun u r beautiful and alot of woman must envy u as u walk down the street.
losing weight is hard you r doing great love yourself tell yourself daily why u should love yourself.
i've recently done a cofidence course and the one think that helped me the most is the teacher said what other people think of u is none of your bussiness meaning people will judge u its human nature but they judge u from there exprience not yours and we can't change that opion so theres no point worring about it. also they may not think what they think we do we have know way of knowing.
u r amazing hun tell yourself daliy and each day think of 5 reasons why i'll start u off for today
u r amazing because
1. u have decided to change something u don't like for the better and u r working towards it.
2. you r kind and motivate others
3. you r beautiful start beleiving it.
4. you r a older student and thats hard being with 16-17 year olds and making the choice to be what u want to be.
5. you r such a postive person and u look for good in every day.

believe in yourself hun
Now just a minute - let's take two points from your posting:

1. I resisted McDonalds
2. I still felt a bit worthless

OK, now read them again.

You just can't say those two things in the same sentence!!!

You resisted McDonalds and deserve a halo!!


Im just me!
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i no how you feel i am the same in my relationship i find it so so hard to change tho.


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Thank you for the sound advice everyone .

tinkerbellsmum - that was so informative and made me blush haha! I think I really do need to just forget about others and remember I'm doing this for myself and some day I'll hold my head up high and feel amazing without worrying about what they're thinking.


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most people who are nasty, are being that way to distract them from their own issues.

you are a great person, so just ignore her and hold your head high xxx


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Just think how much she is missing out on because she rejected you. She obviously didn't deserve you as a friend! Her loss!
And keep up the good work! Losing weight is not easy, it takes strength of character and determination, all you need to do is recognise you have both xxx


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S: 13st7lb C: 10st6lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 26.7 Loss: 3st1lb(22.75%)
Thanks Elle and judimac, I think everyone is right and I need to remember this is about me and not people from my past. A healthy future is what I'm working towards, not worrying about people who I wouldn't give my time of day for.

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