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insomnia :-(


synful soul
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gettingfitat50 said:
I suffered with this a few weeks ago and I use to count backwards from 100 then if still awake go through list of colours,zoo animals etc.

This last week I have been practising exercises with Kettlebells and I must say I haven't slept all night through like I am now for a few years.
I am going to bed tired and haven't been waking up until 5am just before my alarm goes off.

Perhaps doing some form of exercising before bed will help you to.
That's the thing ive been doing Atleast a hour in the gym after work and i still can't sleep Im going to have a look at that thread see what tips are there x


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I usually find I cant sleep because I have something on my mind. Whether conciously or not I am worrying about something, planning something etc. I find the best way to switch off my mind is to listen to talk radio, an audio book or something, just in the background so you can half concentrate on that as you drift off.
I also find the worst thing when you cant sleep is getting stressed about it, I wake up in the night, then get annoyed as I watch the clock spin nearer to the alarm and the more annoyed I get, the less chance I have to sleep. Maybe have a bath pre bed, put on the radio and hopefully drift off. xx


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What about a self hypnosis cd? I find them very relaxing. The one I have is DeeperSleep by Andrew Johnson, you can get it as a CD or an app for your phone. Always relaxes me and helps me sleep
Omg this sums up my life haha.

Im an awful sleeper, since around xmas time i split up with my bf and was very stress. I didnt sleep well at all and was waking up sweating whether hot or cold and would wake up at 3am every morning and couldnt get back to sleep.

It settled down a little after a few weeks but its never gone back to normal, i tried calms sleep tablets, and some other ones from the health shop and i find they don't really work for me. I still to this day wake up at 3am but normally go back to sleep. There is nothing worse than having issues with your sleeping pattern.

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