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Back on the diet train...
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hey guys found this old post by determined girl (where is she btw?) thought it was good, hope it helps!!!

Hey gang,

I've noticed that over the last couple of days quite a few of us are suffering emotionally/physically and maybe feeling a bit fed up. I just wanted to encourage everyone and give us all a few reminders about why we're doing this. Hope it helps....

1) The huge improvements to our health- think about our ikkle hearts and how much help we're giving them by losing weight
2) To have pride in ourselves- to wake up feeling good about ourselves
3) To extend our lives- our time here is brief and precious
4) So our tight dresses will look HOT!
5) So we get second glances for all the right reasons
6) To be able to go to restaurants without feeling guilty/being paranoid that people are thinking "YOU shouldn't really eat that"
7) For those of you who have children to be able to play with them without being out of breath
8) To be able to go into 'normal' clothes shops- to buy what we want rather than what we can shoe-horn ourselves into
9) So that going on holiday anywhere that requires swimwear won't give us night terrors
10) So we don't dread photographs and have to detag any particularly bad ones on Facebook (ok that might just be me!)
11) So we can look at ourselves in the mirror and smile
12) So we don't EVER again have to hear someone make a cruel comment about our size
13) For our families- so we can be around for them
14) So we don't avoid social activities that involve stairs/hills/seats we can't squeeze into
15) For ourselves. Life is too short to feel unhappy about something we CAN solve.

I don't want to patronise anyone with this- just wanted to tell anyone who is struggling and might be feeling like giving up that even STARTING this programme; even making that brave, tough decision makes you stronger than you know. By being here, on this forum, we're all declaring that we want to do something about our weight and that we have the will power to achieve it. You guys inspire me on a daily basis- this is so hard and you're all doing brilliantly.

Keep it up- you CAN do it. :)
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I'm honestly a bit disappointed no one commented on this. Its a great idea. A motivational thread. Encouraging everyone and allowing people to contribute!

I'm always known as the one who can talk to girls easily. Unfortunetly that's where it ends. All of them are just into my mates unfortunetly so hopefully if i shed a few pounds I may be able to get a few numbers! lol

I'm also looking forward to going into normal clothes shops and buying things I like other than what fits!

What motivates everyone else?


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I find my motivation at the moment is fitting back into my favourite dress and jeans. It's about having a small but realistic goal as opposed to wanting to be a size zero!! Best of luck everyone


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I agree its a fab post.
I want to shop for normal clothes not what i call fat clothes that these shops sell and don't get right.
I have a chronic pain condition and it is getting me down so by losing weight i'll be more incontrol and not comfort eat when in pain and it will take the strain off my joints.
I also want to do the things fit mothers do with their children, surf sledge knock a hockey ball around and not wobble every step!!
Good lord i could go on for ever, i think you get the jist LOL
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ya know what, im having trouble lacking motivation at the minute, BUT that just gave me the kick up the arse i needed!!!

im gona print that out several times and stick it to every wall in the house (my poor husband will have a fit lol)


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Only for the second glances bit LOL!

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