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Hi there,

I usually have things like
  • spaghetti bolognaise
  • chilli
  • stir frys using the blue dragon sachets of stir fry sauce
  • butternut squash risotto
  • lasagne
  • if I'm feeling flush I might have steak and jacket potato and salad
  • Bird's eye bake to perfection cod in parsley butter for 5 ppts and have it with new potatoes and petit pois (extra points)
  • Omellettes are nice and easy and you can add whatever you fancy
  • Tuna mayo with jacket potato & salad
Have a look on the internet for things you might like to try.
Honestly have what you fancy and just adapt it to WW.
Did you have favourite meals before starting WW? Maybe you could adapt some of these to be WW friendly ;)

I personally can't eat ready meals any more so I'm always on the look out for new recipes to try.
Hope this helps a little xxx
Good luck
Im in my 4th week and uv just started eating 'normal' food i lived on micro meals for first 3 weeks. I still like the micro meals like chicken tikka massala with ww naan bread as its a great substitute to a curry takeaway with extra mushrooms its very filling!
I think if i make my own past,rice..etc you hardly get anything for ur points so i prefer the micro meals.
My new fav 'normal' food meal is
Crustless quiche from morrisons 9pp for half,or normal quiche from asda 8pp for a third i have it with 150g of light potato salad and lots of salad its sooo yummy! Great in the summee nights too or when people are having a bbq.
If u use pasta and weigh in out and make a 0pp sauce out of passata,mushrooms,peppers,onions,chillis
And herbs and add a ww garlic baguette for 5pp thats also a lovely meal :)
Good luck! X

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Carriegirl21 said:
Batchelors supernoodles (the 99%fat free ones) and a bag of stir fry - quick & easy - have it all the time :)

How many pro points in this??i like the chicken and herb low fat ones but i thought they were quite high??

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my fav is a stirfry,,
200g beef medalions 5pp
100g noodles 3pp
chilli sauce 2pp
courgettes,mushrooms red yellow green peppers,,huge dinner for 10pp takes about 15 mins in total


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thanx every1,think i just lost my way abit last week (easter didnt help 2) am gonna try some yummy new meals this week n get bck on track.good luck 2 u all wiv ure weight lost ;)


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carlyb1208 said:
How many pro points in this??i like the chicken and herb low fat ones but i thought they were quite high??

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Hiya :)

I get the chicken & herb flavour fat free Batchelors ones - they are 4PP for half a pack - but cos i always share the pack i'm not sure if the whole pack is 8pp or 9pp (darn multiples! ;)
Still, as the veg is zero points if you did have the whole pack at 9pp that's still ok for a dinner i think :)


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