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Inspirational CDC in Northampton?

I am hoping someone can help me please.

I am finding my CD weigh in a weekly challenge, as my CDC is not very positive and I come away feeling deflated. I literally jump on the scales and pay her for another weeks supply. Unless I mention something specific there is no conversation or ideas. Am I expecting too much?

It has got to the stage that I really want to change to another CDC.

Can anyone let me know if they have a CDC in Northampton and how they feel about them.

You can always p.m me.

Many thanks
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There's sure to be another nearby, I'm sure. I'd recommend mine - but it's probably too far for you to come? Rushden?

There's a list here on line - I reckon you could probably rule out some just by talking to them on the phone - http://www.cambridge-diet.co.uk/newfacs/fac_emids.html

(although of course I'm sure nearly all of these are lovely people :D)

It's worth ringing Cambridge Diet too - because that on line list isn't always bang up to date.
Thanks for your response Lily. I travel across Northampton to see mine at the moment, it takes about 15 mins.

I would rather not travel to Rushden, but at the moment I would probably be happy to, as I am so peeved with it! Can I ask how much your CDC charges for shakes/tetras/bars?

Going to hold out at the mo, and see if anyone comes up with a Northampton one - but might be back to you in a couple of days asking for a name/number!

Thanks again.


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Ooh, now you're asking...

Erm - I think it's £37.80 for 21 meals (doesn't matter whether it's bars or shakes, the price is the same).

I could ask her if she personally knows anyone closer if you like?
Thanks very much Lily. That would be fab if your CDC knows someone in Northampton.

I can see from the list on the CD website loads of names for CDC's Northampton, but would rather have a recommendation.

Thanks X


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Okay. Sorry - internet went down 'else I'd have called her, but it's a bit late now. Will call her tomorrow, if that's okay?
Many thanks for getting back to me.

I have a couple of p.m's and have managed to find a new lady. Was on the phone to her for an hour last night, and she seems great.

Really appreciate your help.

Good luck and take care.


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Hi hun, glad you got sorted out. I've sent you a pm as well. :D

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