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Insult of Complement


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I think .... CHEEK.

There's a complement in there somewhere, but rudely delivered. I hope you thought of a witty comeback.


can see the end in sight!
punch them!
i suspect they meant to be nice but it came out wrong!! Like when a friend of mine (size 8) started a sentence with 'if i was big like you...' ta mate!!
some people just dont engage brain before mouth
You should have said, '...and you make yourself look remarkably good for an ugly person!"

(You are on a diet, what they going to do about being ugly?)


WILL be Slim!
Insult!!! I'd have replied to them "how funny, we're kind of like opposites because you dress awfully for some one so slim"
ha ha ha! Genius!!!! Def a cheeky person hun in need of putting in their place!



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A few weeks ago my daughter was upset , she is 9, a boy at school said she was fat (she is bigger than average having me as a mum and a 6 foot 4 dad) but isn't fat by any means, anyways I was going to down the route of just ignore him, but I was wicked as he had called her in the past.....so next time he said it she said 'so what, I may be fat but you have more rolls than Greggs'!
I am such a bad mother !!!!!!!!!!!


can see the end in sight!
LOL my mum used to give me quips for when people insulted me too, your not a bad mum!
Thanks, i failed to mention the person that made the comment is actually a lot bigger then me - ha ha, dont you worry there was sarcasm in my response


Slimming down the aisle
Then it's probably that she's jealous!!!
i would of punched them no joke!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr


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I know how you feel!! A young slimmer work friend was slagging off what a larger lady was wearing and finished with

"oh no disrespect to fat people, billie, I think you dress really well for yr size, & you have a really pretty face, so thats ok"

ummm, thanks mate, thats a really back handed compliment or what.

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