Interesting article on portion sizes

That is SO true!!! Aren't we all brought up to clear our plates cos there are 'starving children in Africa'?
Old habits die hard and if the bag is big, you still are conditioned to eat the entire contents!

I get cross about the BigValue packs etc - why can't we have smaller ones that don't cost more?

Ooh don't get me started on the food industry lol!
It's certainly a mental thing. I remember once, hubby and me were out and it was lunch-time. We stopped in at Mc Donalds but as we hadn't been to the cash machine, we had to get 2 Happy Meals :eek: . Anyway, we ate them and within 10 minutes I realised my hunger had been completely satisfied.

Now, if we'd bought Big mac meals, I'd have eaten all of that too ... even though I obviously didn't need a meal of that size.

So once I reach maintenance, I'm definitely going to invest in a special smaller plate just for me (and I won't be eating Maccie Ds :) )

Debbie x
have you seen the plate thingy I posted on Tulip's thread, Debbie? I think it's such a good idea but oh so expensive for a pesky plate!!