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Interesting idea....

I was speaking to a fellow of mine who specialises in weightloss who is based in the US. He always recommends Atkins diet but says the following:

When we cheat we feel so guilty it becomes self punishment and reinforces our negative self image Nd negative eating beliefs. He always recommends to plan one day a month where you can eat whatever you want. You are more likely to not cheat before then because you know you have a legitimate day off planned.

Also, when it gets to that day, you are so used to dieting, you don't eat as much or the foods that you think you can/want.

Maybe if you find yourself cheating alot, try this... I welcome your thoughts.
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I can see where he is coming from. However, bad idea for me. I like CD (SS) becasue it takes food away from the equation altogether for me. If I had a splurge once I just would never get back to plan. Once I had ate a piece of chocolate, cake, pizza, curry - well, end of CD for me I am afraid.

This is a different type of diet to Atkins. You eat on Atkins but I think that if you have been on SS for a month then eat what you want for a day it will just mess up the whole concept of the diet.

My mam in her younger days dieted all week and ate what she wanted at weekends. So, yes I can see the thinking behind it, but for me personally, it would be impossible.
Good concept, but Just not on this diet. It would not only knock you out of ketosis, and lots of people struggle with hunger and headaches on the first few days getting into ketosis, but make you gain some weight back due to your glycogen stores filling up, so might make you panic/despondant seeing the scales and there for eat again.

I did CD 100% about 4 yrs ago, and had 'add a meal' week every 4 weeks, and it was great, hard, but great. I wanted to loose the weight quick as I was planning my wedding. Now I want to do it for me, but I am in no real rush, it will take as long as it does!

This time round I am ss, but (i know this isnt the idea but has kept me on track and made me feel alot less guilty about having stuff, so therefor not feast or famine, as I felt before) if I feel the need, I will have a small 810 style meal. I dont have one every day, only if I really feel the need to eat. I contemplated having one last night, but questioned myself if I really wanted it, was I hungry, did I need it, no! So I had a coffee instead!
It has definalty changed my views on food, and as I say I dont feel guilty about eating as I know it is on the plan, albeit the 810 plan, I havent felt the need to have carbs or crappy food or binge in any form, as I am enjoying the salads and protien.
I was even able to go out with my family last week to the harvester and have chicken and salad, enjoy and not think I had broken my diet.(both my husband and son were going away for a week to wales! so we wanted some family time)
In all this time I have 'eaten' I have stayed in ketosis, drunk my water and I have lost 15lb in 20 days!
Sorry I have waffled on and digressed from your original post!(just got a bit carried away!!lol)
Good luck x x x Lou x x


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I agree with the concept. Although I know I did 6 months of LL without so I will stick to it this time too. Hard as this week is my weight is just standing still :confused:. Oh well, big loss next week then.

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