Interesting name for a forum...x


Ancient Egypt Nut!
This is an interesting name for a forum...I'm intrigued. Somebody enlighten me please:D x
Sorry're gonna have to wait just a little longer!!! :) We should be set to go this afternoon.....HOWEVER, in the meantime....

Cast your minds back to when you first started your weight loss did you feel? and why did you think that this time would be different???
Hmmm - I was desperately excited because it was a new diet on me (LL) and I knew it would be different as it was removing the food/portion/control aspect so would get to the root cause of my overeating, not just mask the symptoms. Mind you, I still have the old chatterbox clamouring for attention on a montonously regular basis and therefore can always do with a bit of help from Mr McK et al!
I was excited, but didn't think for one moment it would work for me. Talk about being negative:eek: I tried everything else, couldn't think how this one would be the one that gave me a 2nd chance.

So no. I didn't think this would be any different. How wrong could I have been:eek:
Thanks Issy and Karion....can you remember how you were feeling BEFORE you started...i.e the feelings that drove you to look for an answer in the first place?
Oh golly gumdrops, yes! I was feeling old, hopeless, ashamed of my size and greed, unloved and extremely depressed about the future.
I shudder to think of it now!
Decided I could put up with being unhappy and my weight impacting onEVERY aspect fo my life or I could make one more HUGE effort and beat it once and for ALL. So have changed all my 'usual' rules of dieting; now have breakfast every day(never ever have before) Joined a gym(!) and now swim everyday. Finally have asked everyone for support, especially all you lovely ladies and gents on this wonderful website. Its' working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There's an old saying: "If you do what you always did then you'll get what you always had" so it makes a lot of sense changing our approach to losing weight if we've gotten into a yo-yo mentality.

Barb - I think for me the support element has been the biggest difference this time. Losing weight can be a long and lonely path to walk if you're doing it alone. Even attending a slimming class wasn't enough for me as there was a whole week between meetings and you can pack a lot of slip-ups into a week!

I need daily affirmations and the knowledge that I'm not alone in this journey - I CANNOT take my eyes off the prize for a minute: that's where I've gone wrong so many times in the past ... I'd become complacent.

There's no doubt that losing weight and reclaiming our lives is HARD WORK no matter how we go about it but I realise now that I'm worth the effort. :)

Debbie x