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I've been looking at this Lighter Life process and it seems very good and I can't believe the results from you guys.

Needless to say, it looks very interesting to me as I want to lose two and a half stone (35 pounds) by the time I go on holiday in early join.

The problem is, with doing the WW plan that I am on and exercising, I am not seeing the results quick enough and I am the type of person that needs to.

LL seems rather expensive but have seen packages of the soups and shakes and some bars online on Ebay. I've been looking at Ebay because I don't think my doctor will give me a note to go onto the LL plan.

What do you guys think? Should I go through Ebay?

Knowing all that I need to do is have (I think) two shakes and two soups a day and once a day exchange a bar for a soup/shake?

Information would be somewhat appreciated.
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You have to be careful - I have heard that some packs on EBAY are out of date so will not be nutrionally full, which is essential when you are abstaining.

To join LL also, you have to have at least 3 stones to lose.

Why don't you think your doc would sign?
Hi Srcnix you have to be at least 3 stone overweight to go on LL and you do have to be signed on by your doctor.

Not sure about buying off ebay, I'd be worried about the authenticity of the stuff plus from what I've heard they charge a fortune, more than it costs to do it properly.

Have you thought about doing the Cambridge Diet - it's basically the same diet (has the added bonus of having more flavours to choose from) and I don't think you need to be signed on by your doctor. Think it's about £35 a week as you don't receive the counselling that we get on LL. That may be your best bet.

Check the cambridge forum out for more info.

Good luck with whichever diet you do.
You have to be careful - I have heard that some packs on EBAY are out of date so will not be nutrionally full, which is essential when you are abstaining.

To join LL also, you have to have at least 3 stones to lose.

Why don't you think your doc would sign?
Because I'm not actually overweight of such, my BMI says I am just under being overweight. It's a case of having a big belly on me and wanting to be skinnier. I would think going on LL for a month would totally sort me out, though for a months supply on Ebay we're talking about £200.00 - £400.00

Bye, bye all my savings ;)
You wouldnt be allowed to sign up for just a month. You sign a contract when you start that says you will buy all your packs for the 14 weeks. I have heard horror stories from ebay- not only will you be completly ripped off and not get the flavours of your choice- some are out of date or even FAKE!
be very very careful.
Lighter Life really isnt easy and shouldnt be taken half--heartedly. Its a massive commitment to stop eating for 100 days. Thats no alcahol, takeaways, meals out, fizzy pop etc.
If you only have a bit to shift why not stick to weight watchers and join a gym?
Good luck =]
I'm a member of a local Gym and am continuing Weight Watchers while I think this through.

Just to mention, I haven't drank alcohol and much of what you listed in almost a month. No big deal to me.
Hi scrnix, just wanted to add to what the guys said earlier, I think Cambridge may be the one for you.

From a personal point, I finished LL in November, basically I had a rotten cold and couldn't stomach any more of the foodbacks, I sold my excess ones on Ebay, but I did list all the flavours, and all of the use by dates. I also added a piece from the web to state it shouldn't be done without doctors consultation.

I put mine on so that the selling price and the postage added up to what I paid for them, I didn't want to rip anyone off, but I did see quite a few packs going for silly money.

The only bit of advice I can give you (as a bit of an Ebay queen) is to check out the feedback of the sellers very carefully, I would be a bit dubious if they had a small amount of feedback, or if they were selling loads of packs - I know I just wanted to recoup the cash I had paid out, and I only had one weeks worth of packs to sell - so if someone is selling months and months worth, I'd be asking where they got it from, as we only ever get a weeks supply at a time.

Hope this helps,

No big deal! Okie doke if you think its that easy then go for it :)
Have to agree with what my colleagues have written (did you hear that girls and boys I called you colleagues;)). LL will not take you unless you have 3 stone to lose but the advantages of LL is that you get counselling included which for many of us was and is the key to success.

However, Cambridge do take you with not so much to lose and is almost the same but without the Counselling.

Personally if I didnt have a food problem ie compulsive eater I may had done Cambridge, but knew just trying shakes on my own would not work whereas LL counselling has worked wonders with my mind and my attitude to food.

If you are going to go the VLCD way I would recommend Cambridge and there is a forum on here for that also.

Good luck and keep us informed we are always interested.


Deb G

Silver Member
Yeah - go for CD - you don't have enough weight to lose to be accepted by LL - and what you're paying for with LL is the packs AND the fabulous counselling. You'd be better off doing CD if you want a quick fix for holiday.

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