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Introducing green....

Hi all,

Since I started SW I made the concious choice to do original only. This was becaues my love of Carbs is the reason I was overweight anyway! :rolleyes: I didn't want to sabotage myself form the very beginning.

So, now I'm nearly at the point were I think I need to start introducing them back into my diet so I don't have an issue with putting weight back on when I hit target. I'm just quite worried though that going from very little to carb filled green days is going to result in gains :sigh:

Has anyone else been in the same situation or got any ideas how to introduce them back into my diet without experiencing the bloating that I am anticipating??

K xx
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Hi There,

Exactly the same, I'm afraid. I know if I do green I go so mad on the pasta, rice etc I end up eating no veg and dont lose. I find carbs make me hungrier as I have insulin resistance and pcos. What I did last time with SW and I am doing again this time is mix2max so I do have some green meals but not whole green days. So I tend to have a neutral breakfast, green lunch and red dinner, so it's a way of limiting green but still having it. I post my food diary in the food diary section if you want to have a peek!
Brilliant. I'll have a look and see what sort of things you're eating. I really don't want to be pulled in too much with the tempation of carbs....it's my chocolate!! lol :)


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I was also going to suggest Mix2Max - that way you introduce green meals, but not green days, and you can till aim for a balance - esp with keeping up your veg.

I went through a period of about 2 months eating only red days as I was convinced that with green I would gain, but after the 8 weeks or so, I needed a change, and my weight had started to plateau - I started by doing a couple of M2M days, but moved fairly quickly onto 2 or 3 green days a week - it is amazing how 'superstitious' you become - for ages I would only have red the day before weigh in as I was convinced it would affect my weight :rolleyes: (no proof of this ever noticed lol!)

Toward the end of my weight loss I was using all plans red / green / M2M almost equally, allowing my appatite to determine my day. As a maintainer, I almost exclusively use Extra Easy.
Sounds like it is the way forward for me. I just looked at Princess Sausage's diary and it doesn't seem overloaded with carbs , which is perfect! I'm not quite ready to do it yet though. I have it in my head that I want to get into size 14 before I do it. I don't know why, but I'm determined. Do your consultants tell you about things like mix 2 max and success express? Mine has never mentioned anything like this....but then again I don't stay for the classes.

K x


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I thought I was a carb addict and that's why I had piled on the weight, but I know now it was the wrong sort of carbs (white bread and breadcrumb coated things) that were my downfall!
How about you go for one meal of brown rice/wholemeal pasta for your first couple of green days, a rice salad with plenty of fresh chopped veg through it or pasta with homemade sauce and lots of roast veg?
Keep the rest of your food for the day Hex's and superfree just until you adjust?


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You should have a mix to max /success express booklet in your SW pack. Our consultant has chatted about them, mainly if someone has plateaued and wanting a boost :)
These are all great suggestions. Funnily enough I have never been a white bread or normal pasta person. I have always had wholegrain products, but in abundance and that is what worries me. I need to get over it though and overcome my problem with carbs, otherwise I am sabotaging my diet cos one day I'll end up gorging! I can see it happening.

Those meal suggestions sound lovely and I know I can feel my body is requiring some more carbs. I can feel quite tired at times and my digestive system isn't particularly right. I shall be careful though and as you say, choose the right carbs :)
You should have a mix to max /success express booklet in your SW pack. Our consultant has chatted about them, mainly if someone has plateaued and wanting a boost :)
lmao....just looked :rolleyes: Surely that leaflet hasn't always been in my pack :8855:


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Lol @ you...

The other thing to try is perhaps an extra easy day, here and there...again, you're able to have more carbs without being on a full green day..?


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I was the same when I started - I only did original days because I was convinced that green days would make me put weight on, I now have about 3 green days a week but rather than overload on rice & pasta I have the couscous (Ainsley Harriott yellow pack is free) & I will have some scrambled eggs or an omelette with the Quorn cumberland sausages, I do still have the pasta but I use the Pasta n Sauce packs & limit myself to just one of those, do you eat the scan bran? You can always fill up on that with cottage cheese & veggies then & it is also a speed food.
Hope that helps
I was always a red girl too...now I'm mostly green!

I used to have this belief that carbs were bad and I'd do better on red. Like Angie, I had NO proof of this whatsoever, but I just *felt* lighter on original days.

I absolutely couldn't believe that I'd be able to lose eating pasta and rice. If I had a green day, I'd feel bloated and rubbish (which was really all in my head)

I introduced it doing Mix2Match too. I was very sceptical at first, because I was worried about carb overload...but as I've found with SW...I need to get stuck in there and just try something new on SW, cos it will surprise me!

As I say, now I do mostly green days. I LOVE it. Thing is, if you really want to gorge on a massive bowl of wholemeal pasta, you can. Ok, it might not be good for your 'addiction' to carbs, but you might surprise yourself, in that, you've come such a long way, educated yourself and know what your danger areas are, that you can eat a massive bowl of pasta, stop when you're full (or even, when you're past full and are stuffed) and know that you've done ok, it's allowed and can continue with the next meal/day/snack and be fine!

lol...was that long-winded enough?!?!
Thanks for all the suggestions. I haven't ate scanbran before....but soemone told me it's like cardboard tiles so it kind fo put me off lol

I am going to start off introducing Green by way of mix and match. If I don't I'm going to end up with issues towards the end. Perhaps it is all in my head and the only way of finding out is to try it out and see :)

I'm goign to be scared come weigh in day though lol

K x
I only do one red day a week the rest green!! I am a pasta lover too...but I have still lost on green days..

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