Introducing the bars on week 3.


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I am on week 3 now, and had some of the bars to try. I must say so far they have been quite yummy!! :D

Do they slow weight losses down though ?? just wondering :confused: .

Its no big deal if they do, as am really enjoying having a chomp on something! :eek:

Deb x
I went the opposite way... I joined Lighterlife and counsellor let us have bars from week one.. had gone off them by week 2.. swapped to CD and although the bars were better.. the thought of eating them still made me feel sick.. so i just do Choc, choc mint and vanilla shakes and tomato soup plus the tetra brics

Now if they could just do something similar to a dime bar but with the same calories as the CD bars then i'd be happy!!!
They didnt with me!!!!!!!!! and I have a complete addiction to peanut bars!!!!!

I couldnt cope without it now!!!!
I'm glad you're enjoying the bars - I love them! I'm having them this week after my first week back on SS and am looking forward to them.

Some people say they slow their weight losses down 'slightly' some say they don't have any effect at all. I had a bar a day and lost 6st 7lb in 6 months so averaged what Cambridge said I would ... and even if it means I lost a few pounds less than I would have without them, I'd still have the bars for convenience and taste. For me, they make the diet bareable.

Ooooh peanut crunch!!
Is there any way my CDC would allow me to have bars on my 2nd week instead of my 3rd?
Seriously craving to the point I think I may cheat and cheat big style! :eek:(
The peanut is the absolute yummiest!! I like the chocolate as well....have gone off the orange one and couldnt stand the toffee one!!

Hmmmmm might make a trip to my CDC to get some more peanut ones....not due to see her for another couple of weeks....can I last till then?!!
Burtbird, my CDC let me have bars the 2nd week but only the peanut and cranberry ones because they have less carbs than the others.
Hi Burtbird
The reason you don't usually have the bars in the first week or so is so that you're completely established in ketosis before you have them.

I'm about to start week 2 and I know I'm in ketosis so I'm having bars as from tomorrow (can't wait!).

If you're definitely in ketosis, why not ask your CDC if you can start having the bars? The two crunch bars in particular are slightly lower in carbs then the others (and also happen to be my favourites) so I can't see why there would be a problem. Perhaps a CDC will be along in a mo and clarify. :)
Yay ... am very excited at prospect of chewing contently on bars!!! lol!!!
I have been in ketosis since day 2 as I'd taken CDC advice and cut down on carbs and fats / sugars the week prior.
I will tell her about my dangerouse cravings and hopefully will be allowed the bars .... the peanut one sounds yum ....
It is a recommendation you wait until the 3rd week and in most cases this is what happens.

However, if you are in ketosis and really want them in week 2 have a word with your CDC and perhaps introduce a few during week 2.

As said above the Cranberry and Peanut do have fewer carbs and lots more fibre so they help with the constipation problems.