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Introducing you to the whole me!


I know I can do it...
Helen - welcome to the forum. It's a great place for support. Good luck with your CD journey:)
S: 15st4.0lb C: 14st10.0lb G: 11st4.0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st8lb(3.74%)
Hi and welcome, what did you do wrong? Do you have a councellor?


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Hi MiniMe,

Your gonna have to stop listening to the negative people, the sister who is struggling is bringing you down by constantly sharing that with you, does she somehow want you to fail too.

Tell her its working for you, and she needs to stay quiet and get on with it, or stay quiet and stop doing it, but either way your journey is separate. (sometimes ya have to be cruel to be kind)

they're are plenty of us on here, that will support you through the good times and the bad times, stick with it, we have pretty similiar amounts to lose, its just that i'm a few weeks ahead, but look at my ticker, to see where you could be in two weeks time ;)


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Hi Lily

Yes she has always wanted everyone to fail, so she can look good,

OMG, I have a sister like this too, she is the centre of the universe inside her head and expects everybody to follow...

now she has decided to tell the CDC she don't need to see her again, and she spent 20 mins telling me how the shakes and soups tasted to her, and shes the type where you got to either agree, or pretend to agree.
Well by quitting, shes just admitting to being a failure, and it can take her 20mins or even longer, but ya can summarise all her whinging into "shes a quitter"

I told my friend that i am going to continue, and if my sister wants to bad mouth the CD so be it, i shall remind silent, and keep it to myself,

WOOHOO, you go girl....we've all got to do this for ourselves, if people support us then thats a bonus, but its our own personal battle, and your WINNING :D:D:D

we are all going to a party at the beginning of August, and there are 4 others that are doing really well on it, so they will be at the party too.

:DCool, you'll be lighter at the party than you are now, you can cross the decision of whether to break your CD for the party or continue SSing closer to the date.

Lily we will have to urge each other forward eh?
Yep, bring it on, I'm just finishing day 20, each day brings its highs and lows, but I remain strong so far :p

Well done on the weight loss and lowering your BMI.

Aww thanx chuck, little by little we'll all get there, I've a way to go yet :p

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I thought Lily i had the only sister like it, LOL, so we can compare notes!!!

The party i will stick to a pint of water, be the driver, and have to take my own shakes, but i will ask if they will supply them being its a party and i got to eat!

You got it, she is a quitter, and i guess it would make her feel better if she was not quitting on her own! or it would not look as she was quitting if she had someone to quit with.

Its my birthday 19th August, and that is the day i may have a morning off and have some food, as i am going to lunch with 30 of the people i care for.

And looking forward to going, and being slim, and not running when they get the camera out, oooh i do hate my photo taken!

Lily have you done this diet before, how did you do before?

Helen x
Hi Helen, yep I've done CDSS before and I lost 2.5stone, and kept it off for about six months, but then it started to creep back up until a year after I reached goal, I had to admit to myself that i'd regained all 2.5stone plus 11lbs extra :eek:

I'm struggling a bit right now, I'm at the end of day 20, and for a few days now i've been mentally battling the urge to eat some protein..mmmm so I'm off to me bed (out of temptations way) I'll get up in the morning and be raring to go again (as every morning this week lol) Its a slippy road once ya start to have a nibble here and a nibble there, it also lenghtens the time your dieting, rather than just getting on and doing it (this is for my benefit, I'm too lazy to go find my thread :eek:)

nite nite, talk tomoz xx


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Hiya Lily
Today i am on the right track, i am on 3 shakes and 1 protein dinner being chicken and brocoli,
OH :eek: your doing SSplus,,,I thought you were doing the full Sole Source..good luck anyhows I'll be interested to see how your losses are.
and 4-6 pints of water only, seems i am drinking to much, and my stomach today is bloated, so i am guessing its water retention, so i got to not drink so much.
Water retention is caused by not getting enough water into you, so your body stores it from fear of not getting anymore, the way to beat it is to actually drink more water, 4-6 pints looks good to me, its what I attempt to drink daily.
My stomach is sore today, and my eyes and head is still aching.
Does anyone else get constipated, or is it cos i am not eating carbs, so the bowel does not get enough in it, err hard subject to talk about LOL!
How are you doing today?
Best thing is to take some fibre, or drink more water, dehydration causes constipation, cuz the body steals water from the colon, causing constipation
Helen xx
I'm doing grand myself, I had a bit of a struggle earlier on (surprise surprise) but I'm not breaking, I'm at the end of day 21 and i'm thrilled with my achievement so far.



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Lily 21 days is 3 weeks!!! you are so close to one month!!!

wooohooo go girl, go girl!!! oh yeah oh yeah!!!

Ha Ha, thankyou chuck,,,now I gotta go to me leaba and get some much needed beauty sleep, me thinks i'll be up on a few bathroom runs thru the nite ;)

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