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Guess whos back...
Hi All

Found this site via "icemoose" (mikes) web blog.So good work there.

I am 32year old guy from the south-east coast area, only 5'3" tall (or short to be apt) and weighing in at 21stone. So yes that puts me about 20BMI OVER the "morbidly obese" line :eek: which i found truly shocking to say the least. I have always been an overweight guy since a child and teen, but certianly noticed i have gained about 2stone in past year and growing fast.

So it was time to get radical with dieting, after trying many obligatory fad diets and slimming programs. I figured the only way i could diet was to avoid all food and decisions on what to eat, hence i have started the Lighterlife plan. I should also point out that i have had an addiction to certian brand fizzy colas since i was a teen, and part of this diet will be coming off the stuff and caffiene too.

After weeks of waiting for a start date and then getting my medical sorted out, i had my welcome meeting saturday morning and started the plan sunday morning (after 1 naughty final kebab sat night!)

Sunday i found hard as i had a steaming headache (fizzy pop withdrawal?) and ached all over, and i had problems with the milkshakes.. All of the milkshakes had me painfully reaching and at one point sick :confused: which has really put me on a downer as to whether i can live on foodpacks making me sick. Managed to stomach a mousse this morning though.

Anyway, i have done as many and started a blog to help me through this plan, and tell more of my days there, would really appriecate some support both here and on there..
Lighterlife & Diet Coke Addiction

Anyway i will now catch up reading some posts on this site, and become a regular i hope.
Hello and welcome Lee, and congratulations on starting your new plan. With regard to the shakes making you feel sick, have you thought about splitting them in half? They just might be a bit too concentrated for you - worth a try.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and wish you luck ;)
hello there lee and a bit welcome on board!!!

at only 4ft 11 myself i know how hard it is to 'hide' them extra pounds!!!

really hope your day is going well and keep on here as much as you can cos you will get all the encouragement and support you need!!!

keep in touch and remember it does get sooo much easier!!

i'm re-starting the cambridge diet today after losing nearly 4 stone between april and august and then i went on holiday, regained a stone and have been faffing around for the past month or so.. but today i'm back so we can go through the withdrawals together hee hee

Gen xx
Hi and welcome

Congratulations on starting LighterLife, in my oppinion it will transform your life so please stick with it.

I have just completed my 100 days and have lost 4 and a half stone during that time. I'm so much happier and healthier already but plan to continue with development.

My advice re the shakes would be to try the muffin recipe on Mike's thread.

Good luck and I am looking forward to hearing your progress. :)
Hi Lee

Welcome to LL! It is a fantastic diet, the first week or so is hard, no point in trying to dress that up, drink plenty of water and take paracetamol!

I can't drink the shakes either, I either have a vanilla (or caramel) coffee, throthed up using my magic bullett (no don't be rude) or I make them into a mouse by using much less water - put a drop in the bottom of a bowl and add the powder stirring and adding a drop more water until it has a consistency of cookie dough or I add it to my bullett and let that do the hard work and it tastes more like angel delight.

You have probably already seen there are recepies on Mike's fantastic blog to make crisps and muffins and stuff but only cook one pack a day.

Good luck, drink the water and I promise when you are in ketosis you will whizz down in size!
Hi Lee,

Lovely to have you with us.

About the taste of the milkshakes...when your body is practically devoid of nutrients due to over processed food and high sugar content.

When you introduce vitamins and minerals the body is not use to them and you can smell and taste them and they can make you gag!

If you drink a glass of water before hand and after I find this will dilute the taste and as well if you split them up as D_Q has mentioned.

Amazingly you will grow to like them and you will no longer notice the taste.

I found the soups in my case very difficult to take at the start and also the flapjack near to impossible for months but in time the flapjack was okay.

Being on a vlcd helped me break the cycle of food addiction and has given me back my life. So hang in there and keep drinking your water.

Love Mini xxx
Oh and on the diet coke withdrawal, I used to drink a minimum of three cans a day (and I mean minimum), I was terribly addicted and it does make the headaches worse but I promise it will go within a few days.

Take a few days off work sick if need be - claim to have the flue as the symptoms are very similar. Within a few days you really will have broken the back of it.
Welcome Lee,

you wont regret doing this diet. its the best thing I ever did.!!
I know i felt a bit sick after packs to start with and this could be due to high intake of vitamins, but will sooon get used to it and even grow to like/love your packs.
Splitting them may help and just keep going with the water!!

Good luck and keep posting , you will be a slimbe in no time !!
"A Slimbe" :p i so hope so :p

Well its day 3 and thankfully and surprisingly to me is my headaches have gone now, still struggling with foodpacks but have found that i can stomach a choccy mousse far far mor than the milkshakes, still screwing my face in grimace when swallowing it but its going down.

I take it adding a pinch of cocoa powder to mix is a no-no? i did consider it to make the taste stronger and better. I seen some use coffee powder but i hate coffee sadly so that really doesnt appeal to me right now.

Anyway i got a metallic tasting mouth today so hoping i may have ketosis going on, i have a LLC pop-in tonight so hope to find out.

And thanks everyone, your all great
I know some people used the vanilla like milk in tea?? Not a tea drinker myself but I did find adding sime sweetners to my packs ans using about 500 ml of water instead of what is recommened made them much more palatable. I did put coffee inthe vanilla as wwell , lovely!!
Good luck with pop in ,I lost 6 1/2 lbs on first one and 9 lbs for the first week!!!
Good Luck Lee

You have done the hardest bit now so keep focused and you will soon feel on top of the world.

Hi Lee.
Sounds as though ketosis is kicking in great.
Day 3,it should get easer now.
Can only give the same advice as already been given on the shakes,make them weeker and drink lots of water.
Hope you get to like them more soon.
Well results are in.....
In my first 3 days i am in Ketosis and have lost 1/2 a Stone !! (7lbs)

I am in shock, bring on the yukky shake, i can take it for that... :) :)
Well results are in.....
In my first 3 days i am in Ketosis and have lost 1/2 a Stone !! (7lbs)

I am in shock, bring on the yukky shake, i can take it for that... :) :)

Hello and welcome! Love your rather dark avatar! lol

Oooh I'm excited for ya! you wait till the end of the week!! Keep up the great work. and remember all your water.. as well as diet coke (not instead of...);) and you'll be super amazed! you're on target for losing a stone!! :eek: :D

There's nout wrong with being 5'3" by the way... short but sweet! That's how i describe my 5'3" lol

Look forward to following your progress... or rapid decrease as the case will be! lol

Well done Lee. You should see the weight come off fairly quickly because blokes lose more quickly than us birds :rolleyes: :(

It won't be long before your results surpass mine as the weight drops off you so go for it :D

As for improving or making the flavours stronger, think about the other things you can have on the diet so maybe make them up using LL flavoured water or cold pepermint tea?

My other tip is to measure everywhere, well almost everywhere! Then redo the measurements every month. Do some progress shots every month too (which reminds me, I must do mine for this month) because you will have days where you feel you are achieving nothing but a quick look at you first and last shots will prove you wrong and serve to remotivate you.

If you find you are being tempted, distraction is the key until you wake up to a new brighter day when you can think about why you were tempted so you can consider your emergency action plan tailored to get you through the next time you feel tempted. It makes things easier to deal with your demons as you go along rather than ignore them and hope they go away as the weight drops off because that doesn't happen.

Good luck with LL. Some of the things discussed each week may seem wacky or non-relevant at the time but in my experience they will become relevant in later weeks so try to take it all in.:)

I have read and reread my foundation stage book that many times all the pages have fallen out :rolleyes: It is a great source to draw from so make the most of it.

Good luck :D