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IO have just discovered Mushy Pea curry.... OMG!!!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
My stomach is rumbling looking at that picture Hun!!

I love the mushy pea curry...great isnt it?!


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I cant decide whether to try this or not, as I dont usually like the smell of mushy peas, does the curry smell wipe this out?


Will be thin god dammit!!
Its a recipe scanbran -
3 tins of mushy peas
1 of beans
Curry powder - brown the mushrooms and onions in fry light then add the peas, beans and curry powder and water until its the thickness you like, simmer for about 20 mins!!!
Im not keen on peas either Snuggle as a rule but this was really lovely, cheap to make and filling too!
i love this curry but i make it with
1tin mushy peas
1tin of tinned tomatoes
3 tbls of curry powder
then blend it all up in blender untill smooth and its just like the curry ya get with a takeaway!!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Ahhhh this maybe better for you Snuggles
yeh i make the curry and then wok up some chicken with stir fry veg and then make some rice, its a REAL meal if you know what i mean!! yum!


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its really tasty isnt it.

could anyone set me straight, i add quorn mince to mine, i have this on a green day.

im counting it as still syn free with the mince in

think thats still right but been new to slimming world could someone confirm that for me pls




Will be thin god dammit!!
Perhaps the amount of peas in mine is the reason for my wind problem today!!!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Yeah thats free hun x


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Can I just add, as I know a lot of people watch the pennies on here, that you can buy a box of dried mushy peas for less than one tin and it makes absolutely loads!!!!


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I do the same one as Mummyferris too..... and I hate processed, marrowfat and mushy peas. I even hate the smell of them.

You really can't taste the peas, or at least I can't.
yeh i agree, it really just taste like CURRY!


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I had this for the first time last night too. It's definitely the tastiest thing I've eaten in ages. I even could've left off the rice. I was much more interested in the curry! I only made it for one person (as OH doesn't eat anything that is vegetable or fruit) and used one small tin of mushy peas and one of those bean 'snap-pots' (a small tin of baked beans would do). I know a lot of people were wondering what ratio to do for a single serving. It still made loads but I nearly ate it all! Yum!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Good point Fray cos I followed the recipe with 3 peas and 1 beans and ended up having to freeze loads :)


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I just don't have the freezer room! :(

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