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Irishmans daily diary!

Hi everyone. My name is Finn and I am 32 years old. I am from Ireland but living in Wales for the past 6 years. I've been a big man most of my life. I have ready some really hard stories on this site and my size has not held me back as much as some of the people on here but I completely recognise the problems ech person faces. I have recently got engaged and want to be looking good on the big day. I know, I'm sounding like Groomzilla but its not really for me. Its more for my fiance. She says she doesn't care but I want us both to be able to look at our photographs and well... you know! I have tried diets before but never really stuck to them because I just like my food too much. I have been on the Lipotrim diet now for 5 days and I am struggling to tell you the truth! My fiance said that using sites like this might help me and even now I know it has having read other peoples stories. I don't really know how this diary thing will work but I will give it a go and keep everyone updated. I hope it will drive me on a bit also to stick to it. I am really excited to hear from people who can help me along or give me a few tips!!! So....

The details so far are...

Started diet = 6/4/2010
Initial weight st. = 19.03
Initial weight kg. = 120.8
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Oh good luck
I started cambridge today - so for me I am on day one
I have used other diets but like you am hoping this is THE one for me

this is a great site - hopefully you will make lots of 'friends' on here that can help support you

H x
Hi Finn

Congrats on your upcoming wedding, have you set a date for your nuptuals?

I also tried Lipotrim a few years back and was successful losing weight on it but unfortunely I don't think there is any way to maintain it long term, I also have friends who lost and maintained for a few months using Lipotrim but again they've gained back the weight they lost and more!

I have recently lost a lot of my weight using the basis of weight watchers and only eating three healthy meals a day, no snacks. It has taken a year (but I fell pregnant in June last year and delivered in Jan this year and still managed to lose while pregnant!). I feel now that I'm not doing it to lose weight to look good, I'm losing the weight to keep my self healthy. I hope your successful in your loss, but if the lipotrim doesn't work out don't crash and burn on the food!!! :)
Hope you have a good day today
I got through day one - headache from hell about nine so went to bed a bit early
one day at a time
I am sure if we both do the proper reintroduction of foods we will be fine if we stick to healthy eating at the end of the weight loss phase :)
Hi mrsmotivation!
Thanks and yeah we have set a date of 26th of April next year. Plenty of time to get in shape but completely know what your talking about when your on about regaining. I have done WW before and lost just over 3 stone. But all it took was for me to miss just one week at the weighin and within two months I had most of the weight if not more back on. I just love my food too much!!! I don't even feel guilty eating it! So I know it will take a completely new change in lifestyle.
I have for the first time ever joined a gym and have been three times this week. I hate wasting money so I know now that as I am paying monthly for it I will definately use it.
I can feel even now that lifestyle will have to change. Like you we are planning for kids and I want to be able to do whatever I can with them! I have also just signed up and paid to learn how to swim! 32 years old and can't swim! So I think its all going in the right direction!
Hi Aaleigha!
My day is going alright. I'm now on day 6 of no food and just shakes.
My usual day is Lipotrim mousse in the morning with peppermint tea and water. Water throughout the day then mousse and tea and night again. I have managed to get through the headache part of the diet and am fine now as long as I drink enough water. Still finding it hard though to not think about sneaking food but at over £45 a week I'm not wasting my money to see no results!!

My girlfriend is getting it tough though. I am very short tempered with her and bad tempered. This is slowly going though. She had it bad on days 2-4 but I'm fine now. She understands though how hard it is so thankfully I dont have to buy her anything shiny and sparkly to make up for my moods!!

I think we will both be fine with the reintroduction to food just as long as we eat sensibly and I keep up my new found gym workouts!!
Well its good news! Lost 4.8kg (11lbs)
Might be able to fit into my grooms outfit yet!

My Stats so far
Start weight = 18st 13lb (120.4kg)
Week 1...... 04/01/10 - 18st 2lb (115.6kg) -11lb


Staff member
Bl00dy H3ll fantastic loss
hope I can do half of that at my weigh in :):)

so what flavours do you like then - not even sure they are the same choices as cambridge
my favs so far are chocolate - ice cold and cappuccino with a spoon of coffee in a HUGE mug with hot water - really creamy - not too keen on the soups though
Thanks a lot H! Can't say the first week was easy but slowly getting there just realised that I gave my wrong start weight and stuff in my first post but what I have below is the proper one from now on. Whens your weigh in? Never asked but whats your reason for wanting to loose?
On the lipotrim you choose between strawberry, vanilla and chocolate shakes. The chocolate is disgusting so want be doing that again. I'm giving one of the soups a go tonight.
I have been having my two a day as a mousse and drinking lots of water and certain leaf teas during. I'm getting into a good routine now but just can't stop being hungry all the time!
Whats the cambridge like?

Well my reasons for wanting to lose are many
see my siggy
I do have bad arthritis in my knees (one worse than the other) so am desperate to lose the weight to put off surgery:)
I have done slimming world successfully in the past but giving up smoking and going onto antidepressants meant the weight went on
ww and sw help me to sts or lose about half a pound every couple of weeks

so I wanted to try something that could help me sooner
with cambridge I have three packs a day and can have a 200cal meal (salad veg and chicken fish quorn etc) but I want to do just the three packs if I can
there are 6 stages to cambridge as you work up to a calorie level that will help you maintain

my weigh in is for tuesday (that will be just over a week) but have just email my consultant and asked for an earlier one or at least a pop over to get some more meal packs :) so might have earlier appointment
I do have to admit to being a scale hopper - not good but I cant resist
hopefully we can both stick this out for the time we need to get to our target
if you click on the blue bit that is a link to the thread and right page
when you get there you will again need to click on the link to download
my siggy is the purple bit that is always at the end of my posts

see below :):)
Congrats on the weightloss Finn, thats great for week one. Keep it up now and you'll be approaching goal in no time.
Also great that you have joined the gym, at times it can be hard to get out there and go but afterwards I bet your feeling great. I was away in Cork last week and only made it to the gym three times and felt awful the days i didn't go. I'm heading back this evening though, that stepper will be out for revenge on me!!

Keep up good work :)

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