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is 11lbs in 7 weeks a slow weight loss

S: 13st0lb C: 11st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 1st4lb(9.89%)
I started SW at home at New Year and I have only lost 7lb.so I am losing very slowly, but at least I am losing not getting bigger. I wish it was quicker but maybe next week I'll lose more. Try not to be disheartened. You will get lots of tips from this site.
Try not to compare yourself to others as we are all different. Can you think of any reasons why your loss could be slower than you'd like or can you find any inspiration on here to make the losses more maybe?
Do you keep a diary on here so people can offer you tips/advice?

11lbs in 7 weeks though is more than a lb a week and is 11lbs in the right direction! :)
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I joined sw on 27th jan with my mom. We both attend group every week and I have lost 14.5lbs and my mom has lost 8.5lbs. I think we're all just different, my mom started off with bigger losses than me and now we've switched. Maybe we'll switch back again who knows, either way as long as I lose every week and don't gain I'm happy. Like supergran52 said try not to be disheartened. Posting on here is a great idea and I'm sure you will get some great tips and lots of support. Chin up hun, your doing well x


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My losses have been slower as well, but am just starting to realise (after looking at this site) that everyone looses weight differently and 11lbs is a good loss. I figure I could have put on 7lbs since xmas if I wasnt on slimming world. One thing im going to start doing is drink more water (6-8 pints a day) as ive heard that can speed things up. :)
S: 18st5.5lb C: 11st2lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 7st3.5lb(39.42%)
11lbs in 7 weeks isn't slow at all! You are averaging 1.5lbs a week so bang on what you should be aiming for.


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You don't say your weight so can't comment but those on the larger side tend to have bigger losses at first. It also depends on how much food you're eating...it could be that you're eating a lot of free food, which although free, still contains calories so it is possible to go a little over board. On the whole though your losses seem in line with what you should be aiming for. If you would like bigger losses, try making small changes to your eating and see if anything can kick a reaction off.


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It's good that you're losing it slowly. People say that it's the best way to lose it as it's more likely to stay off then, plus it gives your skin the chance to go back slowly so you don't get empty skin.

I've spoke to a few people in my class and some of them have lost less than you and they've been attending classes for nearly a year. Everyone is different.

Don't be disheartened, you're doing great!

Well done!
I certainly hope its not considered a small loss as i've lost a stone in 8 weeks and thought i was doing okay. I'd rather lose slowly, eat a bit more and stick to it in the long run ( especially as i have still got 5 stone to go) than starve myself!


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As others have said, 11lbs in 7 weeks is not a slow loss, its bang on correct. SW reconmend that you lose at a rate of between 1lb and 2lbs a week. You have been losing at an average 1.5lbs a week, which in a year is 78lbs (5st 8lbs)
i lost at a steady 2lbs a week and i was delighted with that :) SW has taught us more sustainable healthy way of eating. I still eat LOTS, but of the right things...... and the weight is staying off.
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:grouphugg:Hi becca, me again, you are losing the same as me, I am shortly going for my 8th W I and last week I had lost total 11lbs so exactly the same as you. I know how you feel, I felt a bit like that last week, but just think if you carry on at the same rate how much you will have lost by the summer. Thats what I am telling myself. Dont worry about what others have lost, just concentrate on your own journey. We are all different, hope this helps hun. Remember, many of us are losing at the same rate as you, you are not alone!!!!!
Thanks hollys nan, it just the first time i have actually found it hard. Last two days i have ate really bad so back on track today and raring to go. I havent set myself a target and i think that maybe why i finding it hard to because i don know what i aiming for


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Please don't ever compare yourself to anyone else on here!! That's the most destructive thing you can do!! Think about it like this!! Angela (fictitious name) loses 8lb in her first week then a further 3lb for the next 10 weeks!! Everyone is in awe that she's lost 38lb (nearly 3 stone in just 11 weeks!!) Some people are envious but inspired, others are just plain envious and feel they must be doing something wrong!! Becky (again fictitious name) loses 1 lb in her first week then continues to lose 1lb each week for the next 10 weeks, resulting in a total of 11lb in 11 weeks!! People say "well done that's brilliant" but Becky doesn't believe it- she compares herself to Angela and feels like a failure, but decides to plod along, chipping away bit by bit- she is having a life after all, eating out sometimes, but most of the time she's sticking to the plan- things are slower than she'd like but she realises it's a long term approach she should be aiming for! A few weeks go by and Angela gets her 4 stone award (18 more pounds over a 6 week period!!!) and Becky loses a further 6 lb in those same 6 weeks, getting her 1 stone award and half way to her 1 1/2 stone award.

Then Angela goes to Dominican Republic on holiday for a fortnight all-inclusive! On returning home she has a sneaky scale check at home and is absolutely horrified that she has gained 10lb!! She misses class the week she returns home to 'buy her some time' to get rid of a few lbs! Unfortunately it isn't as easy as she thinks to get back on plan again after eating in such abundance on holiday which she really really enjoyed, after all it had been really hard slog saying no to everything during those 17 weeks leading up to the holiday even though it did feel good to be 4 stone lighter in her bikini! She misses class once again and promises herself she'll get back into it 'on Monday'! She doesn't! Infact she never goes back- it would be faaarr too embarrassing for other people to know she's had such a big gain, and her Consultant wouldn't be happy!! Over time the weight creeps back on and before she knows it she's 4 1/2 stone heavier, 1/2 stone heavier than when she started!!

Becky continues to chip away, averaging 1lb per week, sometimes she gains after a busy indulgent week that has made it hard to plan, or after a holiday or a weekend away! Sometimes she stays the same or gains when she'd been 100% all week!! Despite her frustrations she keeps at it, she eats well and has changed so many bad habits and over time she loses more than she gains! The time flies by and before she knows it she's been doing Slimming World for 18 months and is overjoyed that she has lost a total of 5 stone!

This is why it's never good to compare! Everyone's journey is individual! Success is not final! We do have to work at this but it's incredible how much we can lose just by making a pledge to ourselves to stick with it through thick and thin and seeing it as a long term investment in our health and happiness!! Good luck!! Hope you enjoyed my story lol!!X
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i agree 100% with the above - my bestie Helen and I started similar times - she had more to lose than me, but still lost 7 stone in the time it took me to lose 4 stone. Lots of allinclusive holidays and a manic social life made my losses slower - and i did compare myself to her, it is hard not to.

However - i am still going, and will keep plodding on until i get to target - the road is different for everyone.

You have done amazingly well so far - keep it up :) and keep smiling....x


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Hi Becca,

I lost 11.5lbs in my first 7 weeks - and I found it so frustrating, losing 1/2lb here or there while others were losing a lot more...but out of all the people who started at the same kind of time as me (at the start of the year, either a week before or a week after) I'm one of the few that's hit their stone award, because I've just kept at it, chipping away.

We're all different, but it didn't go on at the speed of light, so why should it come off fast?

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