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is a calorie a calorie??

not exactly related to exante but sort of is!!!

I have found this article below


got me thinking... so people say if you consume 3500 calories over your maintenance calories it adds up to one pound of fat storage... and this is a very low calorie diet...

so i know ketosis helps us with hunger, but would 600 calories worth of fruit (with all of the carbs) not be exactly the same as (lets say for arguments sake) 600 calories of fatty foods... or even 600 calories worth of exante packs.

The fact we are strictly restricting to 600 calories makes everything equal purely on weight loss terms as we are creating the same calorie deficit...

i do understand that you could easily consume 600 calories from a small amount of food like ice cream, so you would be left feeling deprived in comparison to having a huge salads worth of 600 calories...

you get the idea... are calories just calories in weight loss terms?
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Yep that's right. Eat 600calories a day and u will lose the same weight but u wouldn't get all of the vitamins and nutrients u need on a daily basis which I guess is why these specific diets are the safest way to do it as everything we need to be healthy are in the packs xx

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yeah i realise exante packs have added nutrients that we would never get from 600 calories of normal foods... im also thinking about when we increase carb intake whilst trying to maintain... so as long as we are burning as much as we are putting in our bodies it all works out the same.
Yeah defo Hun. Makes it a bit easier for me knowing that weightloss is purely calorie based. I always thought carbs contributed to weight gain, until I researched it properly lol x

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Only that when you initially introduce carbs you will start to refill your currently empty glycogen stores, these can hold up to 3 times their weight in water which is why - if you introduce them too quicky and/or in too high quantities you 'appear' to gain a lot of weight but it's all fluid.

I know from experience even when eating 'normally' that too many carbs make me retain fluid ... but it's not fat and usually evens itself out provided I don't continue to eat too many. :) xx


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Regardless of what you eat, 600 cals a day will give u weight loss! Even if u was to eat nothing all day and had a burger worth 600 cals, u would loose weight but where the difference becomes is what u eat makes all the difference when it comes to weight loss. If you were to eat 600 cals everyday for 7 days worth of carbs ie: bread, pasta, rice your weight loss will not be as quick compared to having 600 cals a day of salad, fruits and veg which are very water based and digest much quicker than carbs thus why the loss will be quicker. Exante is liquid based and this means it will digest very quickly and thats why the wait loss is really quick and also the added vitamins means we are staying healthy...
thank you for useful replies! the more i look into it the more confused it made me.. since a lot of people tell me its carbs that make you gain.. when really too much of anything high in calories will make a gain
It is confusing eh? Think with carbs if u eat too much u appear to gain quickly bit it's mainly glycogen, not fat x

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do you watch supersize vs super skinny? last week the doc said that the skinny ate 950 cals a day which was less than 1 year old is recommended a day.

when i finish this my aim is to be able to eat about 1500 cals a day gym 3 times a week and then have a treat on a friday night. are you thinking of having 600cals for a long time?
Defo not I plan to maintain on 1200 a day but allowing for a weekly treat. I don't want to forever be banning certain foods so my aim is to low carb healthy eat sun-fri and allow a treat on a Saturday. My friend lost 5stone on Cambridge and maintained this way (until she fell pregnant) x

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it will be so nice when im able to build up the calories to maintain... maybe another 6 weeks to go if i keep loosing 2 pounds every week... slow but getting there. I noticed weight watchers do tiny tiny dessert pots for under 100 calories... imagine being able to eat one of those daily! ahhh! i dont want to deprive myself when maintaining... ill be doing 90% healthy choices and the odd treat!
Yeah I'm looking forward to it too. Be at least November for me tho. But to be honest I don't seem capable of making the right choices at the min so the longer I have to retrain my greedy brain the better lol!xx

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