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Is a food processor a worthwhile piece of kit?

I have one and couldn't be without it! It's easier for soups and for making bread crumbs. There is less mess than with a hand blender. I made a tomato soup on the weekend and I was covered!!
ive been using my smoothie maker for soups and grinding scan bran down lol probably not doing it much good but its never been used to make smoothies lol :D


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I suppose you need to ask yourself what it would allow you to do that you can't do at the moment and decide whether that is worth the expense. You also need to consider how often you would use would use it and again whether this justifies the expense? Is it going to sit out on the worktop or in a cupboard where you may feel it's not worth dragging it out to do small jobs. Also how easy is it to clean? A stick blender is super easy to clean but are youwilling to wash bowls, blades etc every time you use it?

I would disagree with previous poster saying it's easier for soups. I have never found that - transferring hot soup to a new bowl that is invariably too small to take the whole pot so that you end up having to do it in batches. I find that dangerous and messy and then of course there is the washing up. :)
i had a crack at blasting my soup with hand blender today and it did a really good job, much to my surprise, except when i whizzed it before it was submerged! i ended up with boiling hot soup all over my glasses- thank god for my crap eyesight haha!
I'm on the lookout for a food processor at the moment actually. Not sure why I've never bought one, we seem to have everything else!
I've just been given a Magimix for my birthday (I did ask for it!!) and I love it. So far I've been grating and slicing everything in the house.
I use mine for everything from grating to blending and also making cake mix! I love it. I only have a half size one though but really want a full size one when I have the cupboard space (a new kitchen is on the horizon!!)

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