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is anyone doing anything outrageous when they get to goal?


Slimming for my children
I always said i would never get a tatoo.
but hubs has a tatoo on his forearm saying true to the end in gaelic which is his family moto.
As I am marrying the old bugger in 4 months I thought I may have it on the base of my spine and on one of the i's there is a star so was thinking of having a star either end?

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Originally I was going to have hair extensions put in.. at £400!! But now with the credit crunch ect I think I may have to cancel that idea :(


likes posting.
Im just going to go mad buying lots of fitted clothes.Cant wait to hit the shops.In the mean time im having fun with the clothes in my wardrobe that havent fitted for a long time.
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being a student im always skint lol, i can only afford to be doing cd because i found a job, but i have no money left over to buy any new clothes! im going to walking around in really baggy clothes (hopefully if cd works!) plus im saving up for a weekend away in dublin in august with my fella, and i just found out that i got a work placement in new york for 3 months next january. i need to find a money tree!


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Love the hair extensions idea, have always wanted them! Do I dare?

One thing I WILL do is treat myself to new, gorgeous, matching undies... after a lifetime of plain ol' black M&S bras & knicks, I want something pretty... looking forward to it!
tattoo sounds like a great plan, i had a tattoo when i i did CD before to mark being half way, i ended up finding out i was preg 2 days later LOL

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going to glasgow on the train and shop shop shop!!!

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Sounds like a nice tattoo to have :) Although I tend to keep my selfishly personal! lol

I'm not really planning anything other than feeling fab and looking fab! :)
I am thinking though that I may well treat myself to a new tattoo but that will depend if I get into my college course or not, if I do then the money won't be available for a tat. :p but i'll still be happy! :D


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If I ever get to goal, I'll probably have a stroke from the sheer shock of it all. After the stroke, assuming I'm not totally paralyzed from it, I'll probably end up losing my mind and running naked down the main street of town.

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oinkstop lololol!!!! Can I join you? Every weigh in, for every lb I lose I put a £ in a pot. That will be my spending money for my fab new wardrobe. If I do it each week, I don't miss the few £ each time...... xx
S: 19st11.5lb C: 19st0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st11.5lb(4.14%)
edit post: well it will go towards my fab new wardrobe, I don't think £112 will stretch to buying everything I would like.....mind you there is Ebay....... xx
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I'm trying my bestest to save up for a hot hot holiday away somewhere scorchio in august/sept time. Am hoping to look much better in a bikini by then and therefore this will be a big boost and well done to me as love going away and will feel even better looking better (also motivation to continue for me!).

Also like the idea of a new tattoo.. Hadn't thought of that one before but yes, i like the idea.. May add to the one i already have somehow.. Hmm may give me something to think about for a while and take my mind off the cupboards :) xx

Lard Arse

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I was so outrageous when I got to goal, I had 2...yes you read it right ladies ..... 2 bars in one day!!!
Seriously though, promised myself when i got to goal I'd finally throw myself out of a plane, should be fun. xx


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Gonna go blonde and have a boob uplift!!! Thats if I get to goal before hubbi gets back from Afghan, if not he wants a new car!!!
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Love the tattoo idea, thought about it myself but was just too much of a wuss!



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I wasnt planning anything really, but for my birthday the other day, i got a pamper day and a makeover, haircut and photoshoot, from the kiddys and hunny, to say how proud they are of me, oh actually i was thinking of doing a boudoir shoot for myself really and hubby ;), have some really erotic photos of me looking gorgeous and sexy and slim! x
Well hopefully I will reach my target by the time Hubby comes back home from Iraq so I guess thats the exciting thing i'll be doing...If you see what I mean hahaha;)

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