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Is anyone on Metaformin&cambridge??

I too have PCOS and was prescribed Metformin. You have to eat when taking the tablets!! So I stopped when I started the CD. Cos even though it should reverse the effects of PCOS so does weight loss. are u trying for a baby? I am so I am losing the weight before so I can have a healthy pregnancy. Id rather lose the weight and not have to take metformin than to be over weight and never have a successful pregnancy. That was the decision I made at the time and I love the fact I have lost 2 stone. I feel so much better for it. With PCOS weightloss is normally harder and slower but in 7 weeks I lost 2 stone so it can still happen!
Good luck with the CD and I hope I have answered your question
Kate x x
Oh and I forgot to say, If you don't eat a proper meal with it, it can cause real bad stomach upset and sickness. Maybe talk with your doc
Keep in touch let me know how u get on x x
I was on Metformin (for PCOS) but came off it when I started the CD. (ages ago lol)

Met is used to help reverse the effects of insulin resistance, which effects your insulin and testosterone levels (hence the extra hair etc) which in turn effects your fertility however when you are on the CD you are doing that yourself as you are not eating carbs, which only aggravates the situation.

I would have a chat with you doctor before you decide though, just to be on the safe side, as things might have changed in the last year.

Im on metformin and have been for years, I cleared it with my gp before i started cd that is was ok to combine the two, and so far i have had no probs and amazing weight loss.

Oisin x
Thank you so much for all your replies, this place is wonderful! I am not taking the met with the intent of pregnancy (yet) as I am too overweight and feel it is not the right time for a baby, not until I am fit and healthy. My consultant was happy for me to take Met anyway as a means of reversing other symptoms, hair, cysts in groin ect (yuk yuk). When I mentioned Cambridge to him he wasn't very happy about it, but only because he has issues with the way it is made, he said count calories, eat healthy (everything I know) and went into a healthy eating talk at the mention of the diet. The most confusing thing for me is that last time I saw him he was happy for me to use cambridge and he has obviously since changed his mind, therefore I am unsure whether it is the case that metaformin & cambridge do not mix or that he is just now not a fan of the diet. It is unfortunate that last time I saw him due to other circumstances I was unable to start the Met when I was supposed to. So confused. He is a really lovely doctor and has been good to me but I felt I couldn't probe him any further on the cambridge thing, esp as there were 3 other docs in the room all staring at me like I had 3 heads (student docs) !
Jobee x
If you read the instruction leaflet doesn't it say that you should take your Met with carbs?
Thats what it said on mine, and that's why I decided not to do both.

Have a check and see if yours is the same.

Best of luck to you!
Hiya, I am not at home so can't check the leaflet but I am pretty sure they will be the same. I just wonder if the advise is specifically for diabetics as that is whom the drug is manufactured for. I might just try and go with 2 cambridge meals and a real dinner, or cambridge 1000 or something. I will have a chat with my councillor she is great.
Thanks everyone x


Angel in training
Hi - I have PCOS and Im diabetic - although I was started on Metformin for the diabetes not the PCOS ,but I was hoping it will help both. I have been doing the CD diet with no adverse effects - although if I start to feel a little funny then i tend to have a little protien in the evenings - I have read on here of some people who have come off of metformin altogether through doing CD! -
But as a nurse I would recomend that you see a doctor before starting any new diet or exercise programme - it is good to here about other peoples experiences, but it is important to remember we are all different.
Good luck with your weighloss!
Oisin, if you don't mind me asking are you taking metformin for pcos?
Thanks for ur help
Yes i am taking it for pcos hun.

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