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is anyone using breath freshner sprays?

Hi everyone!
Well im on day 6 now and am feeling pretty good, the rumbling tum has finally calmed down! Now im am definately in ketosis, i am a little bit paranoid about my breath, no one has said anything but as I drink coffee and smoke and am used to eating mints or chewing gum my breath isnt as fresh as normal. I remember when I did Lighterlife a couple of years ago that we could use goldspot mouth spray as it didnt affect ketosis, but its aniceed flavoured which i really hate. Has anyone else tried any other sprays or anything that doesnt affect ketosis?? ;)
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One last chance
No, you are not allowed any kind of breath freshners. You are only allowed listerine strips. Drinking water helps keep the breath away.
my pharmacy sold me retardex oral spray works fine my pharmacy give it to me so must be OK and not stopped my weight loss :D


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It's not easy to find Listerine strips in the UK, but I ordered mine from eBay. They took a week or so to arrive, but they do really freshen your mouth and get rid of coffee breath.

Good luck
Now I'm not an Chemistry or Biology Graduate so I don't know the answer, but my question is 'has anybody any proof that breath spray causes you to come out of Ketosis??'
My Pharmacist told me not to take Glucosamine for a painful knee as it may put me out of Ketosis. Is Ketosis that fickle???

From what little I know, Ketosis comes about by not having carbs. How many carbs, 1, 10, 100?????

John (the doubtful)
well my breath spray has not put me out of ketosis still going strong and still bloody freezing i think as long as its sugar free and alcohol free it should be OK well the one i got is.

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