is anyone using ultraslim


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i use the ultra slim when SF is not on offer anywhere! lol.

I think the US is sweeter than the SF, if you can get to a Boots, Morrisons, Savers or Wilkos SF is on offer for £2.99 a drum.

evening meals tend to be a smaller portion of what ever hubby has - i have a freezer full of WW stuff from prev diet so im getting thru that at the mo but we eat pasta, loads of salads, whatever i have i bulk out with salads ( i dont calorie count my salad and veg as i figure its so low anyway)

my snacks tend to be either :

1 x weetabix, 90ml of milk
pkt wotsits/ quavers/french fries
Skinny cow ice cream
crackers and philli
oxo / bovril