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Is atkins the answer?


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I'm at the end of my rope having lost half my pregnancy weight of 3stone since I had my baby in March through shake based diets (herbalife then lipotrim) but I seem to have stalled now and despite trying to do cambridge diet just can't get past the first few days as I can't bear the hunger and don't have it in me to go through the deprivation again. I had some success a few years ago with a low carb approach (go lower low carb meal replacement then atkins) and, more importantly, I kept the weight off for quite some time afterwards (actually until i got pregnant, when I started eating a lot of carbs again). So I know low carb can work for me although i know it is not as fast as cambridge.
I still have 1.5 stones to lose and don't care if it takes a while so long as it comes off by the end of the year. I'm thinking to go back to low carb and, specifically, atkins, as I didn't get too hungry before and because junk food was off limits I wasn't ever tempted to break the diet and eat rubbish like crisps and cake.
I want to start on induction tomorrow. I am going on holiday in five weeks time and hope to have lost a good few pounds by then. Let's hope I can make it work!
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Have u considered slimming world? It'd not a quick fix but it does work and u don't have to cook diff meals for the rest of the family.


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Hi Angi

Nice to see you post.

As you will see from peoples stats, Atkins really works for them - it's a great way of eating!
i'm here trying to get a hang of atkins i've just come of cambridge but i'm struggling not to eat what i shouldn't i love atkins but considering going to cal counting for a more relax apporch till i get my head in gear.
I think Atkins is fantastic, particularly for those who crave sugar, bread, etc. Carb cravings are what derail most of us and lead to slips and binges.

Atkins is, to me, just the best way of eating, and also the best maintenance plan, EVER. But of course we all need to find what works for us as individuals. Good luck x
I have a bit of a nightmare as a shift worker when it comes to eating on diets.

Atkins is ideal for me at work. I can just pop into a supermarket or even get a chicken kebab. I've tried others diets, but, Atkins seems to be doing the trick.
Well i started atkins on monday after yet another 'i can't stop eating' carb binge on monday night, ( i am a carb addict and diabetic, not a good combo) and so far so good, don't think i have lost much yet but i've eaten a fair amount all good stuff though and just easing myself into it. now the real work starts!
Good luck on your Atkins start! Enjoy every mouthful and still see the pounds vanish lol x


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How's it going, Angi?


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All I can say Angi is that LC works for me. If you follow it , you never need to feel hungry, eating out is easy & you can use cheap cuts of meat.
On the diabetic front there are studies going on at Leeds Uni. They are finding that low carbing keeps the blood sugars stable & helps control blood sugars. My DH, Steve lost both parents to diabetes (my mum also died from chronic kidney failure from it & was blind :() Steves fasting blood sugar in March 2010 was 6.9, practically diabetic. We followed LC for different reasons, but from forums it seemed to be the 'cure all'. Six months later his fasting bloods was 3.8.....result!
Good luck & read the stickies at the top of the page, they really help :D
hi guys, it is going ok i think! i was away over the weekend visiting a friend so decided to try and stick to low carb principles but not stress too much if I couldn't do it exactly. I didn't do too badly, managed to keep it low carb on the saturday, out for a few drinks on saturday night but stuck mainly to vodka and slimline tonic although a couple of caipirhinas snuck in! On sunday I did succumb to a slice of toast and some lentil soup, but kept the rest of the day low carb. I took ham cheese and eggs for the five hour train journey home so was quite proud of myself for not succumbing to all the carby temptations at the station!
now back on the straight and narrow, I have three weeks til my holiday and want to lose some weight before then, I have some clothes from before my pregnancy that I've been 'nearly' able to get in to for ages and it's so frustrating! So I'm not weighing myself, but want my size 14 jeans to fit before I go away!
My cousin in Glasgow is type II diabetic. She is a research nurse and simply did not believe me at first when I told her low carbing would bring her bloods down. So she tried it for three days. On day#2 her bloods dropped from 14 to 4. She was incredulous! Suddenly she realised that all the conventional wisdom, and even the daily diet advice she had been given at the clinic, was wrong. She takes metformin but it gives her horrible stomach pains. On low carb days she does not need to take it at all and says that it would be dangerous to do so!

Even so old habits die hard and she loves carbs. She really struggles but she admits, low carbing is like a magic wand. She is trying hard to stick to it now.

ps she was told to eat toast and jam for breakfast, or cereal; wholemeal pasta and bread, etc etc. Sure better nutrionally than white but all sky high in carbs!
yep a lot of diabetics are still on the 'carbs are good so long as they're not sugary' model. i learned this was rubbish a couple of years ago when i low carbed for eight months. Even diabetic chocolate is full of carbs! i'm on a much lower insulin dose now, it's kind of obvious really, if my body can't process carbs surely cut them down? but the nutritional advice seems quite dogmatic and i've long given up trying to involve the medical professionals in my diet as quite frankly i know a lot more than a lot of them, and when it comes to my particular body, i know it better than anyone else! So I just do my own thing, make sure i test myself regularly, and adjust my insulin to my diet. i can control my diabetes, it's just the weight that i need to get under control now!

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