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is back and ready for change!


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hello all - well its been a yr i think since i was on here. I have decided to try again and feel in a much better frame of mind (at the moment) to tackle this.

I have had alot of stress since sept 09 involving endless amounts of trauma - and through this I have lost my relationship with food, and managed to lose 67lb, through worry and stress alone.

As I have now lost my relationship with food so felt as i still have 112lb to goal this would be a good time to try again!

So thats me, here again and hopefully this time will be a success!

Any support grately welcomed and vice vera, im here if you want a friend or just someone to rant to if your having a bad day xxx

good luck everybody xx
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Thanx took me a while to be honest since xmas i was on and off like a yo-yo lol.!
Just over 9 months a long time but confident it will stay off as it's taken me longer really.!

but worth all the wait tho x


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awww well well done, im sure it will stay off... any tips for drinking the water, i really just dont feel like it... :( but know i got to as i have a headache coming...


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well im here drinking my last bottle now ive had 4.5 litres today, its hard but you MUST drink your liquids .

tea/coffees/herbal teas too.!


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lol.... well hopefully ill have a better day tomorrow - think ill get myself a 2lt bottle of water and aim to drink 2 of them. for now tho i think ill go to bed.... nite chuck thanx for the chat!


will try harder !!
Hi Fallen,

I'm on day five and also really struggling with the water, so if you get any tips please share hehe I find the thought of drinking more is quite off putting and am struggling with 2.5 liters at the mo

good luck
Hi there, don't know if this will be of any difference to you but i hate to drink my water cold from the tap. I fill my bottles up the night before and leave them overnight so the chill will go. I find it much easier to stomach.

Good luck, you can do it!


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First week down, and I am doing ok - lost 8lb! been watching bigger meets bigger on BBC 3 and feel very motivated to continue!!!

Hope everyone is doing ok ! good luck for next week x


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Hi all,

Wish I had some tips for drinking the water but sadly i have none... I am diabetic and when it was out of control i could drink 4-5lts !! and now i just struggle...

not doing to good today - I have stuck to it, but just feel down hearted, I have become a bit of a slave to the scales and they just dont seem to be moving, and it just makes you wonder why your bothering, (probably not enought water!! lol) ... hopefully there will be an improvement tomorrow.

Hows you doing?
Heey fallen the scales can do that if ure still 100% they will move in time, so dont panic.!
member ure inch loss too u will still be shrinking thou hun.x
aw keep going. with water i bought 2 2litre bottles of water from asda. i have one before 12 and then the other between 12-4pm. its hard but you shuold find it easier soon. also, to start with stick to the recommended 2.5 litres and dont feel pressured to have loads if you dont want it. another tip is this - every time your tummy grumbles or you get a food fantasy in your head have a sip and you'll be surprised how quickly the hunger goes and how quickly the water bottle goes down too.

dont be disheartened, keep at it!


Angel in training
Hi leeds,

Thanks for te tip... still struggling with the water, but Im gonna move the plan around a bit - i tend to have my shakes/soup late in the day and i dont think this is helping - so im going to spread them out more evenly and fill up between with water ... lol well thats the plan ! lol...

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