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Is Cambridge right for me? 3rd time!


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I am thinking of re-starting CD but not too sure if it's the right thing to do. This would be my 3rd time round, first time I lasted 7/8wks and lost 2 1/2stones last time I did 4wks and lost over 1 stone and at the very beginning of everything I think I weighed 14st 4lbs, I am now 13 10 so all in all I have only lost 8lbs between losing and gaining.

The things I really liked about cd was the feeling of not having to make loads of food choices, the easyness of being able to just have waht I needed to when I needed to have it and I actually liked alot of the flavours (esp the bars). Downsides for me was the unsociable side of things, not being able to have an alcoholic drink, putting a downer on things for my family i.e. hubby not wanting to go for a meal or eat anything in front of me even though I said I was ok.

I don't think I could do ss and actually stick to it for any long period of time so I was thinking of going straight on to 810 or 1000. One reason for this is my stickability and another is that I really want to get fit and change my boy shape too and the only way I can do that is with excersise and I understand alot of excersise isn't really allowed on ss. Would it be ok to do more excersise on 810 or 1000?

Does anyone know what sort of weight loss I would be looking at for 810/1000 per month with excersise and I would also welcome opinions on whether I should give it another go or if you think cd just isn't right for me? I'm also wondering what the cost would be.
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hi gillian, i'm relatively new at this lark but its a great diet and as youve seen from previous attempts, the results speak for themselves. i tried and failed at LL at the beggining of the year and no realise, if your heads not in it, it aint gonna fly.. i've no idea about 810/1000 losses but the few ss+ das that i've done have sent me on benders.. imho i think that i'd need much more will power doing 810 for any length of time than i would knowing that i can have 'teaser' amounts of food. at least with ss you know where you stand, and that's with a shake in your mit. good luck with hatever you decide and i hope it all works out for you xx


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I'm giving this another bump as I am sure there will be someone with a useful suggestion, good luck!


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I don't know what the weightloss would be, however you need to ask yourself if CD is right for you! You need to do something you can stick to! I have tried WW, SW and CC before this and I would only stick for a while, I think CD is the only one for me :)


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Yeah, it's hard to tell whether it would be right for you as it all depends on where the head is and how long it decides to stay there ;)

Both 810 and 1000 are great, though personally I think 810 has the edge as a lot of people stay in ketosis on that, so it can make it easier.

As for exercise. Moderation in all things, and it's best not to use it for weight loss, more for healthy and fun side of things. Best exercise for 810 is resistance (weights) and some gentle cardio. Nothing too strenuous.

Weight loss for 810 is approx 12lbs a month, but as always, it's variable depending on other factors (age, current weight etc)


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Thnaks for the replies people, I know what you mean. I do need to ask myself if it's right for me in the first place and the answer is I just don't know. I'm pretty sure that ss and ss+ aren't right for me (hence this would be 3rd time around!).

My problem is that I don't like ss because it is just so restrictive yet if I try a conventional diet I just can't make the right food choices.

I realise this sort of talk probably gets on everyones nerves on a board like this where most people are doing SS and have fantastic will power. I appreciate that someone like me will grate on most of you guys when I can't stick to it like everyone else has.

I was hoping that doing 810 or 1000 might give me the will power to stick to it better with still not having to make choices but getting to eat something aswell. I appreciate I will have to eventually make food choices down the line but so will we all and I would hope that when/if I lose the weight that I will be able to make better choices and the weight loss would spur me on. At the moment I kinda feel like i'm so big anyway that nothing I eat will make any difference where I know if I lost the weight it would make a difference iykwim?

Anyway, thanks for the input, I guess it might not be right for me after all.


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Hey hun, no need to feel the slightest bit 'awkward' about wanting to do 810 or 1000 instead of SS. They are both brilliant plans, and still both 'strict'.

Yes, people often chose SS, though it seems to be a little less popular these days and it's much more important to find a plan that suits you.

I would rather a client did 810 and stuck with it, than keep trying SS on and off because they couldn't do it for some reason (head, lifestyle etc).


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Thanks KD, I really do want to lose the wight but then I guess I really wanted to lose it the last times I started it too and I didn't. Maybe I just don't have it in me to lose it. All I know is that I think about my weight all day long evey day now and I know that it is having a detrimental effect on my life. My health is suffering now too, maybe it has been for a long time but I am just now starting to notice how badly. I don't want to be the fat mum at the school gates either picking up my son from nursery when he starts in Jan, I want to feel nice again and feel confident in myself instead of going around with my head down feeling like everyone is looking at me. I avoid seeing people I know because they remember the thin me and I get so embarassed by that (I didn't go to me friends wedding because of it, or prties I have been invited too). So the fat really is taking ver my life and I want to change it. Just not sure which path to take to do that.

Sorry for the ramble on, I know you must get sick of the likes of me coming on again and again and still not acheiving their goals. I am sick of me too.


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Sorry for the ramble on, I know you must get sick of the likes of me coming on again and again and still not acheiving their goals
Absolutely not! This forum is full of people trying and trying to find the right way for them. Gosh, it took me 35+ years of dieting, failing, dieting, failing, rethinking, dieting, on/off blah before I suddenly went "Ahhhh, I see now" :D :D

Didn't manage it until I was in my late 40's sigh.

So there's always hope and each time I see a returner, I think....fab, they haven't given up trying :clap:

So the fat really is taking ver my life
Nah. Your head is letting it take over every part of your life. It's all head stuff, really it is. The diet is the tool that's all. It's working out how to use that tool to your best advantage and that starts with how much faith we have in ourselves, whether we think we are worth it, and how much we want it. Then keep remembering the answers we give ourselves at the beginning ;)


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Thanks KD, I just don't want to feel like i'm running others down with the way I feel iykwim?

I text my old counsellor and she said to go and see her, said it would be about £37 per week. Is that right for 810/1000 as I was paying that for SS and thought that there were more packs for ss?


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O right I see, still haven't decided on 810 or 1000 yet. Hopefully going to see cdc on Friday to decided and get started. Hope I can do it this time. Don't think i'll be telling anyone this time that i'm dieting though (other than here) as I must look ridiculous not losing it.
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This is the best place to come for advice so like megan says dont feel silly :)

Good luck to you cambridge has given me a new lease of life! (as far as clothes go :D)


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Hey everyone, I decided to go for the 1000 plan. I have been diagnosed with a heart condition after being blue lighted in to hosi last Thurs afternoon so def don't think the ss would have been allowed for me just now.

Anyway, I went to ee my counsellor on the THurs morn and had already decided on 1000 but I am quite confused now! She said I was to have 2 packs per day and just eat a meal of about 300 cals, that was it. I'm not sure that 300 cals would bring me up to 1000cals with only 2packs cd per day and don't know which type of food to have for my one meal. I take it I have to have a pack at breakfast, lunch then a 300cal meal? Not sure!

Anyone have any ideas?


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Hi Gillian

Sorry to hear about your heart!!!:eek:

The plans are laid out in the yellow book. Do you have one?


You really must, must, must now get a new form signed by the doctor before you do any plans. This is really important.

Then your CDC will probably need to phone Cambridge for a final go ahead for what plan (if any) would be best for you. :hug99:


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Thanks KD, no I wasn't given a yellow book, all I have is a book for soul source which I was originally on.

I didn't realise that I would have to get the doc to sign me off on it now either. I have SVT which can be triggered by all sorts but I have been told to have less stress and that excersise ect would benefit me.

I might be better of with a conventional diet but I have a weeks worth of CD sitting in the cupboard now.
If your BMI is 40 or above, you have any medical condition, are on any medication or have recently had op you need to see GP before starting any CD programme.

In view of what has happened you definitely need to see your GP and obtain his signature on the MRF for you to continue.

Meant to add there is no CD programme of 2 packs and a 300 cal meal you should be on 2 packs and choosing a breakfast, lunch and dinner option from the yellow book. Contact your CDC and ask for one of these as well.

Best contact you CDC to sort this out for you. Avoid doing Sole Source.