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Is CD as good as they say??

I've been umming and aahing about the Cambridge Diet for a few weeks and can't decide whether to do it. A couple of people have said just give it a go for a couple of days and see what happens but if I'm gonna do it I wanna commit to it for the long term and take it seriously. I've read a lot of negative comments about it, that it's unhealthy, unsustainable and all the weight just goes straight back on due to your metabolism being messed up while on it, is that true? I have a lot of weight to lose and CD seems like a dream come true but I don't want to put my heart and soul into it if it's just gonna make things worse! Help and inspiration please!!!! :copon: xxx
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Hi, I'm certainly no expert on CD and I heard all that about the weight going back on but isn't that the same with any diet? I did SW last year, lost a stone and half which took me about a year and put it back on in a few months.
All I know is that CD is hard, much harder than SW but the weight loss is amazing. That's what's driving me on and the people on this forum who are fabulous.
Apparently it is healthy enough as long as you don't do aerobic exercise. Surely it is healthier than obesity and its associated problems. Don't know if it mucks up your metabolism though - that would be a problem cos mine is mucked up enough as it is.
Good luck if you decide to go for it.
Hi - it's not the diet that makes the weight go back on again, it's reverting back to old habits. On any diet you will need to form new healthier habits once you have lost the weight or it will go back on.

CD is great! I was very against any VLCD before and thought people who were on VLCDs were ignorant, but after actually doing my own research instead of relying on what others said I came to realise that I was the ignorant one. :rolleyes:

More and more evidence is pointing towards VLCDs being a good and sustainable way of losing weight provided that it's monitored. I am only in week 2 so can't say what it's like to be on CD for a long time, but the first 9 days have been reasonably easy. It's hard at times, but also easier because all the food chattering in my head has gone. I no longer have those "should I, shouldn't I" arguments as I have my 3 shakes per day and that's it. It leaves me free to enjoy life and also to plan maintenance so that I'm ready for it when the time comes.

Read the messages in here, do your own research online and then make your mind up.

I wish you the very best whatever you decide to do!!


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A couple of people have said just give it a go for a couple of days
That wouldn't really work. You do need to commit for longer to get results. Besides, you can feel a bit rough for the first few days, and you wouldn't get a good picture of the diet.

that it's unhealthy, unsustainable and all the weight just goes straight back on due to your metabolism being messed up while on it, is that true?
No, it's not true. it's certainly not unhealthy as it contains everything you need for good health (minus some calories) Cambridge is probably one of the most researched diets in the world and approved as a healthy and safe diet if followed to guidelines. It also follows the NICE recommendations.

Sustainable? Well, you wouldn't do it for life. The idea is to go up the plans to learn about healthy eating in a low GI way, and then live the life. Slim, healthy and with good eating habits.

It's certainly safe followed for the duration of the diet.

Metabolism. All diets reduce the metabolism. A VLCD such as Cambridge do reduce it even further, but never enough not to make the diet work. When you go up the plans, the metabolism restores and you can eat maintenance calories for your new figure, just like the more traditional diets.

I have a lot of weight to lose and CD seems like a dream come true
That's what I thought. A dream come true...and it was, for me anyway.

Not saying it was always easy. Guess it was the easiest and the hardest diet I've ever done, but in many ways I found it much easier than other diets.

but I don't want to put my heart and soul into it if it's just gonna make things worse! Help and inspiration please!!!! :copon: xxx
You put your heart and soul into the diet, and you wont make things worse. Mess around on it, and it can sort of do the nut in though :D
Thanks for your advise guys, you've really helped!! The stuff about all the weight going back on did worry me, I knew that if went back to old eating habits that would happen anyway but was worried that it would go back on even if started eating healthily, thankfully that doesn't seem to be the case from what I've heard on here. I'm so fed up with being overweight, like you said broxi being overweight is really unhealthy in itself!! I'm gonna give it my all and fingers crossed this time next year I'll be healthy and slim!! xxx
Hi sarah, you said you have a lot to lose well i have about 12 stone to lose, i'm doing it in stages, instead of heading for 11 stone straight away i'm heading for goals along the way.

Giving yourself goal along the way is a shorter time frame, my first is getting into the 19's, then 16's which is when i started weight watchers the first time, then 13's which is the same weight as when i got pregnant 20 years ago then onto the final goal of 11 stone.

If i can do it anyone can i am the worlds worst dieter, really crap.

CD is the best ever, cus it takes away the choice of food.

Go for it. xxx


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It does work... definitely. If you stick to it, and if you follow the 'steps' after SS to get your body used to food & carbs again. I have mainatined for about 5 weeks now, without much difficulty, but I am eating differently to before CD... you have to learn as you go, and educate your mind to ensure you get long-term success, as CD just takes care of the physical bit.

But for proof, check out the maintainers threads on the CD section, lots of people are staying slim after CD. KD (above) is a real inspiration and support to many of us.

Good luck, whatever you decide.

Hey Sarah! I too have a lot to loose. Around 16 stone at the last count. CD is a big commitment, and isn't easy, but it does work. I am on week 3 and have lost nearly 2 stone already. The guys on here are a great help, and there is plenty of info and experience on these boards. Like Louie Lou, I am breaking it down into smaller chunks as 16 stone seems so huge.

Good luck with your decision! x
Hey Boobookitty, i haven't seen you on here for ages, i was wondering where you had got to, Congrats on your weight loss so far, we are in it for the long hall, but we'll get there.:D

Let me know how you get on on the next weigh in, Louie xx
Is it as good as they say? Simple answer.... yes yes and yes!

Go for it

Wow Porgeous, you are gorgeous! You're about my height and what I weighed. My goal is to get down to 8st 12lb. I hope I can do it. Everytime I'm feeling discouraged I'm gonna look at your before and after pics!


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Porgeous, so good to see you on threads again, haven't seen you for ages... yay!!!

I've lost d a stone in a week! It's an amazing diet! Good luck!


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I've lost eight stone so far, another two and I'll be a healthy BMI which I've never been. I've tried all the other diets and yeah some of them worked but I always gained what I lost and then some because I didn't change my the way I was eating.
When I lost my first five stone I came off CD, I wanted to see if I'd just wasted my time and money and regain the weight. I stayed off CD for about six months, still maintaining. So now I'm back on CD again to lose the other five stone, as I've said, I'm down three of that, only two more to go. I have no doubt that maintaining will present challenges for me BUT doesn't maintaining with any diet present the same challenges, if you go back to how you ate to get to the size you were, you WILL get back to the size you were. It's that simple. I can honestly say that CD has saved my life, I was heading to an early grave being the weight I was, it certaining wasn't healthy, now I'm so close to being an 'ideal' weight, I'm never going back, I'm definite about that. Sorry for the ramble, I just wanted to let you know that for me CD was a real turning point in my life, and if you do decide to do it, it could be for you as well.
It's the easiest and sometimes hardest diet I've ever done. I don't think it's as hard as beating myself up every day about being big and feeling miserable 24/7.

I did the diet first time and it was all about getting thin. This time for me it's all about changing my thought processes with food and I've found that that has worked better for me.

Good luck with starting it if you do decide to x
Hi Sarahfairy
I was very similar to you I scanned these pages for weeks trying to make a decision whether CD was going to work for me or not and whether it was the best way forward. I then took the plunge and started on 30/05/09 and I lost 11lbs in week 1, my bmi went down by 1.2 and I lost nearly 5inches in different areas. I have about 6.5stones to lose and I never thought it was going to be achievable and I didnt want to get sucked into something that wouldnt work as I knew I would only feel worse - like another failure. I would say that I feel loads better now since being on the diet and not just because of the weight loss, I have loads more energy and I feel so much more positive. It is a hard diet to do and you do have bad days, however the benefits outway the negatives and for me the bad days have soon been over and I'm back to a positive new me again. I would say that if you decide to follow the CD diet you need to be 100% - once the decision is made stick to it -you need to to get the best results. I think that the best thing about this diet is that it has completely changed my attitude towards food - I didnt think I would ever be able to go into certain places and not have anything to eat but now I know I can, also I think it is a good way of actually learning when your body is hungry, so for me I dont think I will put the weight back on because I am learning alot about myself and my relationship with food.Good luck if you decide to go for it and dont forget to log on here during bad days you'll get all the support you need to stay on track.


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