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Is coke Zero ok?


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I remember last year when I was on ss coke zero was ok to drink because it didn't have the aspartamine (sp) in it, is this still the case, cause one of the coffee shops in town sell it and at least I can feel like I am having a "treat" when I am meeting friends! Also I remember there was some kind of vegatable stock that you could also drink in moderation (marigold I think it was called) does anyone else use these drinks? x
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Hi Caz.

Officially, Coke Zero is a 'no' but I know lots of people on Minimins (including myself) who have the occasional glass. Although it doesn't contain citric acid it can still trigger hunger pangs or cravings in some people, so it should be drunk with caution. Personally, I'm fine drinking it, but I do make sure I drink it on top of my 2.25 litres of water. Not sure about the veggie drink, I've never had it. I know there is a CD version you can buy from your CDC though.
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The book says no to coke zero, but my CDC says it is ok in moderation (as a treat - rather than diet coke), I haven't had it yet, but its good to know its there if I must have it. I drink Marigold Bouillon and it doesn't seem to effect the weight loss. I read on here it had to be the reduced salt version so that is the one I get.


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i have stayed away from coke zero as it "can" effect whether your in ketosis i think so i darent risk it! And food isnt a treat sweetie....CLOTHES ARE!!!!! :D

I have only just discovered Bouillion veg drink...and its yum...but i personally wouldnt add anything in just yet as its all still V new!

because it didn't have the aspartamine (sp)
Although it doesn't contain citric acid or aspartamine
I would hate to give you all bad news but coke zero contains Aspartame, as you can see in the ingrediants listed on wiki.

The reason I know this is because I wasnt a big coke drinker before coke zero was released. I went from drinking 1 can a month to 3/4 cans a day. I had a serious mental reaction to Aspartame and was hospitalized before being put on a cocktail of drugs for just over a year. I now cant eat/drink/use (yes use, Aspartame is presnt in toothpaste too) anything that contains Aspartame or its e number thats commonly revered to in the EU ~ E951

I havent drank anything but water on this diet and don't intend to. If someone gave me a million pounds to drink one can of coke zero I wouldnt do it. Aspartame is known as the 'sweet poision' in the USA for good reason :(
My cdc told me not to drink coke zero as i did used to drink it before starting...she said it contained aspartime personally i havent looked but i wud prob stay away from it as it might make u want more...
Carbonated water
Colour (150d) - aka "Sulphite Ammonia Caramel"
Food acid 338 - aka "Phosphoric Acid" (Also used for rust removal!)
Food acid 331 - aka "Sodium Citrates" (Also used in photography and as an anticoagulant of blood stored for transfusion!)
Sweetener 951 - aka "Asapartame" (According to the US FDA, "the [National Cancer Institute] currently is studying aspartame and other dietary factors as part of a larger study of adult brain cancer." You might want to wait for the results before you drink it. Also, avoid this one if you're moody!)
Sweetener 950 - aka "Acesulfame Potassium" (Looking for reasons to avoid this sweetener? Look no further...)
Preservative 211 - aka "Sodium Benzoate" (Undiluted this stuff isn't too bad... Just don't let it touch your skin!)

Now doesn't that sound yummy! lol
But the shakes have aspartame in them. So you're all having aspartame every time you have a CD shake!

People drink coke zero because it has no citric acid in it, not because it has no aspartame in it. Citric acid can cause some people to come out of ketosis. Not everyone, depends how sensitive you are. Some find that coke zero makes them hungry even though they're still in ketosis. Some people find it helps them stick to the plan and they have really good losses even with a can of coke zero a day. I guess it's what works for each individual.

So if you're sensitive to aspartame ashat, do you not have the CD shakes? The soups are ok and the bars are too, but the porridge and the shakes all have aspartame in them.
NOTHING would stop me drinking Coke Zero i lurrrrrve it dont give a chit whats in it :D

Plenty of things bad for us if we analized everything what would there be to have! and YES aspartame in CD!


Happiness in a shake!
Jeeeeeessssusss!!!!! That's serious stuff!
Its the citric acid I was thinking of, cause that can take you out of ketosis, but I won't be beating myself up if I have the occassional can!
Wow Ashat, that's awful. I hope you are ok now.

I am fine now, the doctors at the time thought it was the quanity I drank. I havent had a serious relapse since and though I am not overly strict (have you seen how many products contain E951?) I still monitor how much I have each week. Once I started cambridge I had to gie up day tea because I always have sugar in my tea and tablet sweetners are full of E951 :(

I know CD contains E951 and I knew the risk when I went to the doctor to get the form signed. The amount of E951 in each shake however is low in comparison with what I was consuming before becoming ill. It was a risk I was prepared to take and touch wood I have been fine. I know the signs and if I become ill in any way I will come of the diet.

This is my last change to lose weight before either surgery/death, it was a risk I was prepared to take....

People drink coke zero because it has no citric acid in it, not because it has no aspartame in it.
I was just quoting someones original post and stating the facts. The original user has now changed her original post :eek:
Once I started cambridge I had to gie up day tea because I always have sugar in my tea and tablet sweetners are full of E951 :(
I am also sensitive to aspartame. Not in a big big way but i can't drink any form of 'diet' drink without getting a headache. For sweetner i use 'splenda'. I don't think it has got aspartame in it - doesn't affect me anyway!!

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