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Is it bad to pop in and out of ketosis?

Don't you find you have 3 days of badcravings after being bad?
Ah yes, carb craving, I used to get them really bad when I cheated on induction.
I think thats what I have had for the past 3 days and thats enough to keep me on the straight and narrow now I think cos it doesn't seem worth it to go through 3 days of that

I have been really lucky, I had a piece of chocolate fudge birthday cake 2 days ago, but the next day I know I was still in ketosis. No cravings, lack of appetite and pink sticks.....Hmmmm does that mean I can have a slice of cake every week?? lol....
Thanks guys - yes its bloody torture and Im a complete eejit for doing it to myself, I get cravings and a headache for about 2 days then feel better - ok lesson learned Im not doing it anymore!!
LOL @ jane..

I tell you what when I do eat carbs I get all bloated if I eat too much and wind... I dont get the cravings
oh i hope not becauce I have lost over 2 stones in weight by having a day off sometimes up to a week off every month or so. i felt at the time it was the only way I could it. However my weight loss has been extremely slow. Now I intend to just stick to the rules so I can get to my goal weight before the new year.
I get cravings now and again, but I'm just too scared to eat any carbs! lol I'm bad enough with my alcohol and babybels! lol It's the opposite for me, when Friday comes I think I deserve something for being so good during the week and usually end up having a tipple or two, then saturday comes and is usually the same depending on the plans, so by sunday I just crave carbs! lol then by Monday I'm fine because I know it's the start of a new week and need to be good for Tuesday weigh in! lol

I really need a kick up the a**e after staying the same this week and my alcohol intake at the weekend! lol

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