Is it best .....???

Discussion in 'Fitness Health and Exercise' started by Cavycrazy, 12 February 2007.

  1. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Well-Known Member

    To have a longer session on the x-trainer at a slower pace or a shorter session but at a faster pace. :confused:

    I have noticed I can do more if I do go a bit slower but wondering if its still giving me a good workout. I still feel cream crackered after it. :D :D :D :D

    Deb x
  2. curlygirl

    curlygirl Well-Known Member

    I think its more about keeping your heart rate up cause thats when you burn you fat!

    I would think it would be better to do it a little faster and for a little less time, then you can concentrate on building the time up every few times you go on.

    At the end of the day, whatever way you are doing it, its better that sitting on your bum!

    i have a cross trainer upstairs that is just collecting dust, I just don't have the motivation to go on it, I'd rather watch corrie!

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