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Is it just me, or does everyone think about food all day long?

i'm exactly the same, but I think being conscious of food all day means I tend to stick to the diet!
I'm like this too, this is my first week (first weigh in tonight), and it is all I think about! Glad I'm not the only one :)
I have thought about food for 99% of my adult life! Luckily, my thoughts are now more concerned with coming up with tasty, healthy meals, although the occasional cup cake wonders into my brain every now and then!
Im glad Im not the only one!!! Hubby says that Im obsessed!!! Lol
Like the others, I think about what concoctions I can come up with, rather than what I cant eat, so thats a bonus!!!

Its all perfectly normal Hun, just enjoy the healthier side of it all! :)
I'm glad to be thinking about food all the time, it stops my mind thinking about how overweight I am, there wasn't an hour went by without me analysing my weight and feeling sick about it. :eek:

Its been a miserable few years I can tell you.

Now I am doing something about it i'm feeling much more in control. :D
I find I think about food all of the time when I am on a diet. My life is very much food orientated... says me as I sit here eating grapes!
OH also says I'm obsessed. I even spend my all-too-short lunch time on minimins, while eating
It's easy to think about food when there are so many meals we can enjoy on SW. Plus I can't really escape it when I am sat on here, recipe ideas and everyones food diaries have a tendancy to make my mouth water.
As a food addict yes I do think about it a lot, but I am trying to deal with it and develop a healthy relationship with it what ever that is. Wouldn't life be great if we could just turn up 3 times a day to a meal put in front of us, eat it and go do something fun, oh to be a child again lol.
I'm kinda obsessed by SW full stop! I'm always on minimins, always thinking about food, always half looking-forward/half-dreading weigh in night/ wondering how to get past nights out/wondering if I'll always stay so motivated-obsessed or fall off the wagon following a bad result.........I only ever go on this forum really now. Any other forums I used to visit (none SW) are mean and snotty by comparison.... this one is mega supportive and full of lovely people xx