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Is it just me?

I dont know if this is happening to anyone else but of late I have been expieriencing quite vivid dreams and disturbing nightmares, which actually wake me up.
Funny now but at the time it terrified me, to paint a picture I live in a 300 year old cottage (alone) and in the bedroom there is exposed stone and brick work with wooden roof beams, anyhow I had this dream where their was a presence of something behind a closed door and when I opened the door there was nothing there, only a painful groan of a man. I fell over and I could feel this nobody trying to climb on top of me. But I could'nt escape, a little like the running away dreams where you do'nt get any where.
Then when I woke with my heart thumping away, I looked into the corner of the bedroom towards the ceiling and noticed my loft hatch was missing, ( I nearly pooed my knickers). So I put the light on and got a ladder out to re-attach the hatch, which, now I think came off due to the high winds:eek::eek:
Obviously been a burly tough Yorkshireman I was'nt that scared, but if anyone would like to come and stay with me, Im not a poof but even a bloke will do:D:D:D:D.
But seriously is any one else expieriencing this?
ps. Sorry if I scared anybody, oops!
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lol, poor you! That dream sounds similar to one that an aunt of mine had once. But in it she dreamed she was in bed and she couldnt move and something/person/scary woman was climbing on her towards her face and she couldnt move. A lot of people get it i think. Sleep paralysis where you get halucinations. Never want one of those dreams, i would have a heart attack i am sure!!!!


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poor you nightmares are horrible i used to have them all the time and my 4 year old is having night terrors at the moment have you been drinking more coffee than normal this can affect dreams and i wish i knew you needed company sooner me and mine are in scarborough at easter we could have stayed with you !! xx sleep with the light on it does help


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Fantastic scary dream:hide: Your night mare was much more creepier than mine.

I was in a big house near the sea and the sea was coming in and washing away chunks of the land around the house:eek:

The last couple of nights I have had some terrible night mares and I was wondering is it connected to the bad weather we are having:confused:
I also had a nightmare last night/this morning... not about ghools and goblins though, about my beautiful dog :(

It was soooo real and vivid.. I dreamt she was run over outside my mums house... it was awful. really awful.

I was so realived to wake up with her snuggled upto me (she sleeps with us in 'our' bed). I was so happy to wake up.


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Awww Lacey, now that was really a bad dream, I hate those kind as they feel so real and don't you really feel so upset even after you wake up:cry:.

My baby dog sleeps at the foot of our bed as well:) Spoilt rotten she is:rolleyes:

Good to hear the cuddles made you feel better...


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Aww cant have that hun, i'll come and stay?! xxx
Thankyou all, I will put the satin sheets on, when are you all coming round. xx
Maybe it's something that's going round - my OH was tossing and turning all night last night, and at one point sat bolt upright when someone else in our building came home from a night out!
It will soon warm up pet:p x
Well its like a log and god, its damn hot!:D


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lol is it still growing you would be a great advert for all the chubby little (if u get my drift) men out there !!xx
Lol x
I have also been having some very vivid dreams of late. Not necessarily scary but wierd featuring (please don't judge) people I work with milking goats! And other very strange happenings. Also noticed I wake up in the night more.

Love the pic btw. Mayb i'll come over and keep you safe and warm! We'll get the goats to ward off the ghosts!
Mmmm very interesting mi thinks, thanks for that. Just hope it does'nt continue!

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