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Is it me or are white pita breads healthier than wholemeal?

I've found the same, white allways has less fat and less calories :)


cos i need this xxx
i remember on supersize v superskinny or something, they were saying that unless brown bread is wholegrain there is usually caramel added to a mixture v similar to white bread to give it colour, and that in some cases brown isnt always better. bloody cofusing though!


cos i need this xxx
also i suppose more fat and more calories doesnt mean less healthy cos its giving you more energy, and the fats are most likely unsaturated fats. i hate that side of weight loss as theres always contradictions!

I have for quite a number of years only eaten wholemeal bread etc; and I love my new found wholemeal Pitta bread, so much more texture and flavour than the white. The only thing I can 't take to is wholemeal pasta, don't know why, there's no accounting for taste ;)

I think something to remember in dieting, in general, that constipation can be an issue and wholemeal bread; pitta or otherwise will have more fibre in than white thereby helping with constipation if it is an issue, the other goodie about wholemeal is that it is more filling IMO :D


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the few kcals you could probably burn off sneezing arent worth the difference in nurtrition imho, i feel far less hungry 2 hours after eating something wholemeal than white so in the end i do actually end up eating fewer kcals when i eat wholemeal (not to mention ++feelings of smugness lol)
I prefer wholemeal stuff, although it is basically the same fat & cals but much more nutritional benefit so worth it in my opinion, on a side note the garlic pitas are awesome! x
I like the garlic ones too...I sometimes have one instead of a naan bread when I'm having a low fat curry. It helps keep the calories down, but I still feel like I'm having a treat :)
OOOO garlic ones - where do I purchase these from? Sound nice!! :D

I had a healthy curry on Fri night and I found the sainsbury's basics naan bread (plain) to be the healthiest, better than the weight watchers one.
Garlic ones are in Tesco's :) I like the Tesco's lighter choices nann's havent looked at their own brand though with have to have a nosey!
Ooo I haven't got a big tesco near me, I have one of those tesco metro ones but they only have wholemeal and white. I popped in this morning to buy some pita's and they definatley didn't have these delicious sounding garlic ones. Ah well. I have a big sainsburys, asda and morrisons near me though - maybe they do something similar.
I've frozen them before, and never had any problems.
Wraps are a different matter - they always seem to get really brittle and snap in the freezer! :eek:
wholemeal are higher in cals by a LITTLE but they release energy much more slower and keep you fuller longer.. they are a more healthier option

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