Is it normal to feel sick?


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Hi Lana

I find that black tea and coffee makes me nauseous - I think it probably is the caffeine irritating the stomach lining as we don't have much in our tummies these days!

I might be wrong though - anyone esle got pearls of wisdom?


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I felt queasy for a couple of weeks as we need to get used to the drinks, I cut out tea and coffee completely for a few weeks and can now actually enjoy my cup of black tea. The sickness does keep up the good work.


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Sometimes its the packs being concentrated in nutrients.
Try dividing them up and spacing them out regularly throughout the day - with plenty of water as well of course!


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Hi Lana!

Ive been really sick with them since the beginning and now approaching week 8 so I just think it affects different people differently...
Everyone in my group had some nausea but for everyone else it passed after the first few weeks.


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I've been nauseous since the beginning too.. (Day 12 today) even wondered igf I should do a pg test!! aaarrgghh!!!! Glad it's not just me then.. i also seem to have indigestion.. not massively but not nice.. is that common too?


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I sometimes felt sick in the first 2 weeks- also had lots of indigestion. But I then realised it only occured after having the chicken soup. So I cut that out completely and have been great ever since. Why not see if you can pin it down to any of the particular food packs?