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Is it normal to feel so miserable and tired?

Day 14.

I just don't want to do anything. Had a hard weekend, really struggled - it's not even that I want to eat, I have commited to do this and I am going to. I just feel like all the fun has gone out of my life. I suppose what that should read is "all the food has gone out of my life"!
Yesterday we went out shopping and met up(unexpectedly) with some other members of the family (who do not know I am doing LL) as soon as we met them they said let's go and have lunch. I knew hubby was hungry so very graciously said you all go off and I will meet you all later as I have some shopping to do. I felt so sorry for myself as I walked aimlessly around the shops and sat for what seemed like hours nursing a peppermint tea. And, to be honest when I met up with them I was jolly (acting) but inside I wanted to kill my hubby, I actually felt like I hated him and I know it's not his fault, he has to eat"!"!!!

I went to bed early when we got home and hoped today would be a better day but I just want to sit around , as I feel so tired. I have a young child and today we should be at the park but the thought of it fills me with horror, I just can't be bothered (not like me). It is TOTM, so I suppose that is not helping. Also I feel so bloated (probably from all the water) but certainly don't feel like I have lost any weight. Is it normal to feel like this? Please tell me it doesn't last forever. Sorry for sounding so miserable - reading this message back I have depressed myself!:sigh:
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It might just be taking you longer to get used to it - or the TOTM is having a worse effect than you think. Or, regrettably, you might be one of the small minority who do feel tired on the diet.

Personally I felt full of beans as soon as the carb withdrawal lifted and continued that way. The only time I feel sluggish now is when I have lapsed. Feeling that way now because I ate lunch somewhere instead of eating my bar. Feeling so sleepy now!

That doesn't help you though.

I know it can be difficult when you have responsibilities but allow yourself to have an easier time of it for now and reassess in a couple of weeks. You might find you feel better after a few early nights.


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You just sound like how most people feel doing CD or LL , it gives you Low mood so really how can you be jumping for Joy . But did you tell your husband how you felt , i think unless hes on this VLCD he wont know , whats happening to you and how you feel . Take him on the the trip of the VLCD hehe , i said that a long time ago to my OH , that you don't know how i feel , thinking of going back on CD myself . I think now thinking about it , that was one of my reason for coming off CD
Drama Queen,
I really sympathise, as someone has said before on this forum, VLCDs are the hardest and easiest diets you'll ever do. The easiest because the hunger goes and the hardest because your social life goes out the window! I have absolutely been where you are...absolutely miserable because I can't have a meal or drink with family or friends. However, we are doing this for ourselves and you will have a new lease of life when the weight has been lost. Try to think about the long term but know you are not alone in having these feelings!
Thank you all for your thoughts. I know in my heart, I am doing this for myself and in 6 months time it will all be worth it. But right now I just feel so low and miserable. I don't want to but I do. Am not even contemplating giving up - I just wish I wasn't feeling so negative.

"Tomorrow is another day" Hopefully I will wake up with a spring in my step and a smile on my face x
You'll feel miserable and tired, you'll feel amazing and elated, you'll have days where you want to curl up and die and you'll have days where you are so full of energy nothing can stop you. And there'll be in-between days. All of these things are normal (would you believe?!) but to answer your question more fully, you will get better (although you'll have low-energy days later on they won't be as frequent and they'll probably be as frequent as any low-energy days you had in the past when you were eating) The first month is about letting your body settle in. Get your first 28 days down and you've allowed your cells to replenish themselves and rehydrate - I think from memory it was day 40ish when things got simpler and I felt like I knew what I was doing!
Just off to bed now. Going to be in a better mood tomorrow - it is weigh-day and I know that it will perk me up. Just have to keep on with my own personal war.

Cerulean (my LLI = Lighter Life IDOL!) Thank you for your message - you always tell it as it is.

Thank you all for caring


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Hi dramaqueen
I'm starting back on CD again , my CDC is coming with my order on wednesday , and you know i really can hear what you are saying as i used to feel like that too , and when i have my daughter mia , whos 4 talking to me its even harder as she goes on and on bless her but sometimes i think what was i noddying for cos i dont know hwat shes saying it puts you like that , but have to give it another shot and be stronger this time .


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Cerulean , 4o days , Now i've heard of , its rained for 40 days and 40 nights , but for us ourselfs to go on all funny moods for that long , HELP lol . You've done great , also great pics too , and i know you know what your talking about as you've done it girl :)
Dasiy Dee,

I am now on day 19 and do not feel as bad as I did last week. I think it does get better as you go along. Although I do now go to bed with a hot water bottle! We just have to get on with it. It IS ALL WORTH IT. x


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We do have to just get on with it !

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