Is it normal to still feel so cold?

Hi all,

Im 2 1/2 weeks in on SS, and every afternoon until I go to bed Im bitterly cold.:(

Is this normal to still feel so cold, I thought you only get it at the start of SS.

Im still in keto and following ss to the letter.

What do you think ?

Bm2lm xx
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Unfortunatley when you are in ketosis, your body uses the energy it has to burn FAT, not head your hands and feet. So yes it is totally normally (in fact a sign you are stil in ketosis) I have stolen my hubby's thermals and wear them every day and bought unsexy but very warm cosy toes slippers!!!

So you need to get used to it .. sorry .. BUT summer is on its way!!


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i thought u felt this way all the time with ketosis? ive been back on the wagon as long as u have been doing this diet and i am freezing all the time as well :sigh:

not a high price to pay for slimdom though and nothing that a chunky cardi and some totes socks cant sort out :D


Yep, I am about to start week 5 and I am soooooooooooo cold always!! I love central heating! My gas bill is gonna be huge!! I am gonna have to start bringing my duvet down so I don't have to turn the heating up so much!!

Allan G

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:sigh: Even us blokes suffer, im on day 10 and im feeling the chill, my wife is normally the cold one and puts her cold hands feet or anything else on me to warm her up:D


Ha! That's what I do to my hubby! He is always so so warm! He can walk around the house in just his boxers and I will have about 10 layers on!!!!!!!

Allan G

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Ha! That's what I do to my hubby! He is always so so warm! He can walk around the house in just his boxers and I will have about 10 layers on!!!!!!!

Ha Ha i always said women were related to snakes cos my OH is always cold:D


Poor old you. Remember this last week has been the coldest all winter. I've taken to wearing 2 pairs of trousers around the house aswell as the jumpers,scarf,wrist warmers,sensible shoes.Our house is old & v draughty & we can't really afford to run the central heating, so I keep the log burner going & look like a yeti. But heh when the weather eases up 7 i beginto unwrap just think how much thinner I'll seem.
I'm 5 weeks into CD & i do actually think that the cold feeling has lessened.


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Now I start my 5th eek tomorrow and I am not so cold. Do you think it means I am out of ketosis?
I dont think so Janice I just think that some of us suffer more than others, if you are sticking to the diet you will be in ketosis.
Im usually a hot person and have had to buy some jumpers as I dont have many in the wardrobe. Strangely in the past the only time I feel the cold is when we go to the pictures and I darent go at the moment as Im sure that I would freeze:eek:


Me too, am on Day 16 and have been very very cold sitting in classes at Uni where Ive had no control over the heating. Brrrrrrrrrr